Jewellery Shops at Al Ghurair City Centre
Al Ghurair City is a great place and a memento of showing real dedication of someone toward people and toward Dubai as well, all with great business mind. Until today, Al Ghurair city is a favourite among locals. Therefore, it is time for you to know more on the choice of Dubai jewellery over here among other things.

Al Ghurair City has a great story. Once a family lived on its territory, quite a wealthy one called Al Ghurair family and they dealt with retails for a long time. Once the head of the family had a great idea of establishing a complex here, which would not only contain lots of shops but also the same number of fun and entertainment activities, with residential complexes and restaurants, basically everything what ordinary people would love to see and to do. More than thirty years ago, based on the idea of Mr. Al Ghurair, the construction works of making the very first modern shopping mall in Dubai started. Al Ghurair City, ever since it had been built has been very popular. The shopping mall is to be found in Deira, which is famous for its souks and many shops being at a great place, by the mouth of the Dubai Creek, making it so easily reachable. Al Ghurair City was also the first step of Dubai, toward to getting place in the international business and tourism industry.

Al Ghurair City today has grown to be a huge multipurpose investment with numerous living areas and a huge shopping centre within, the Al Ghurair Centre. The shopping mall has more than two hundred shops inside, smaller and bigger equally. There are all sorts of shops within the Centre within the Al Ghurair Centre from books to electronics, household and naturally all sorts of fashion items. If you are up to buying jewellery, then you are in the best place in Deira and more specifically also in the Al Ghurair City. Here, there are many great brands of watches shops and jewellery shops.

Al Ghurair City is especially strong in offering one of the widest ranges of quality watch shops, such as the Timex, Rado, Tissot, Swatch, to mention some of the best-known brands. The offer in jewellery shops in a little but smaller but that of course does not mean that you would not be able to buy great quality jewellery.

Regarding jewellery, there are not that many brand stores, rather mixed stores selling multiple types of brands at one place. Stores such as Fashion Gold, Marbeya Jewellery or Prima Gold have wide offers. The most known international accessory brand the Swarovski can also be found over here. Al Ghurair City also has great promotions, especially now in the summer, when Dubai holds a huge festival all around the city called Dubai Summer Surprises, the whole city celebrates with big discounts in every single shop. It is the best time in Dubai for shopping.

If you once decide on visiting the Al Ghurair Centre shopping mall, then do it at the time they give discounts. For more discounts, please visit the website of Al Ghurair Centre.