Al Shamsi Jewellery - Dubai
Al Shamsi Jewellery is one of the reputed jewellery companies that is renowned for manufacturing world class jewellery made from high quality gold, diamonds, and precious stones. Al Shamsi Jewellery made its entry into the world of jewelry in 1977 in Dubai. And, after more than 30 years of existence, Al Shamsi has been recognized by local and international customers as a place where you can find jewelry to suit all ages and people from all cultural backgrounds. You can choose jewelry that is vintage and classic or modern and trendy. But, whatever be your choice you can be sure that jewelry from Al Shamsi is sure to be elegant. Al Shamsi also boasts of some incredible varieties of jewelry and you will definitely find something that you will like. Al Shamsi Jewellery also retails branded and luxury watches such as Rolex, Cartier, Chanel, Chopard, and many other brands.

Al Shamsi Jewellery is owned and run by a local family from Dubai that has a tremendous reputation in the business community. The family operates a gold and jewelry factory and also runs a diamond jewelry manufacturing company. Al Shamsi is proud to have received the prestigious 26th International Trophy for Quality in Paris. This esteemed award is given by trade leaders to a few selected companies from different continents of the world who maintain the highest standards in ensuring quality products and services. The prestigious award proves the recipient’s excellence in the industry and the prestige of the recipient.

At Al Shamsi Jewellery, you will find that they are completely and truly profession in their approach – they have a retinue of highly qualified staff who can attend to any of your needs in a jiffy. The designers are very skilled and dedicated and profess all the latest skills and techniques. At Al Shamsi, quality is the watchword and, therefore, they employ the best talent in the industry – people who have the skill and expertise and try to strive for excellence. Al Shamsi enforces strict quality-control measures to ensure quality and compliance of international standards. You can be absolutely sure that quality materials are used in their creations while their craftsmen use unique, elegant, and stunning designs to create masterpieces.

Al Shamsi offers various kinds of jewellery to suit your budget and your taste. You have a choice of some of the finest diamonds, gold, precious gems, and colored stones. You just have to express your desire and within no time your desire will be fulfilled. Take your pick from the stunning and exclusive collections of necklaces, bangles, bracelets, earrings, pendants, chains, rings, and anything else that you would love to have. You could also take your pick of the stunning jewelry that you will see here. Al Shamsi Jewellery also provides repairing service and modification of jewelry. You can bring in any of your jewelry for repairs.

Al Shamsi Jewellery totally supports Dubai’s effort in becoming an international diamond trading centre of international importance. If you are looking for jewelry that has quality, elegance, and beauty, step into Al Shamsi Jewellery and feel the difference.