Antique Jewellery Dubai
The Dubai interest in antique jewellery is growing continuously. There are several fairs held in the region such as the Art Antiques Design Dubai which is the biggest fair of antique jewellery in the world is holding the highest level exhibition of antique jewellery and from 2008 they have decided to include also Dubai in their schedule. The fair exhibits some of the most expensive antique jewellery in the world and carefully organised, these fairs are held before the Dubai International Film festival to which royalties and rich families in Dubai would all like to wear something entirely unique and outstanding.

Antique jewellery connects the Middle East with India. India has the longest history of jewellery making as the Indian civilisation was the first which started to make jewellery out of gold and also the first which included gemstones in their jewels. In India although today the country is ruled by Hindus, for centuries it was the Islamic empire which ruled and which gifted the Indian culture with some of the most outstanding architecture and artworks. Therefore Middle East’s attention toward Indian jewellery and also Indian antique jewellery has always been emphasised. We have two main cultures and regions of India the jewellery culture of which we would like to write a few words as these are those items which are the best sought for also by Dubai’s rich.

The first most important antique jewellery of India dates back to the Mughal court. The Mughal were essentially those who transferred the Persian art, literature and also the Muslim religion in the land of India. They ruled from the beginning of the 1500s till the mid 1800’s when the last Mughal emperor could not resist the conquering power of the British Empire. By this you can see that the Mughal Empire lasted three centuries leaving quite a lot in the art and culture of today’s India and Pakistan. Mughal artworks are world famous for their beauty and uniqueness. There are several antique jewellery makers who deal with the producing and reproducing of antient Mughal jewellery. Mughal antique jewellery is extremely popular in Dubai. The other important region of antique jewellery in India is the Deccan Tamil Nadu region. The Deccan is an extremely huge territory located in South India and its culture in ways is wholly different from the one in Northern India. The Tamil Nadu antique jewellery items are sold for an extremely high price in today’s antique jewellery market. Regional and international jewellery fairs, such as the Art Antiques Design Dubai, brings these beautiful antique pieces to Dubai and also Dubai exhibitors add their beautiful Islamic silver and gold jewellery artworks, to make the fair one of the most important in the world of jewellery.

In order to know more about the Mughal and Tamil Nadu antique jewellery and their culture, you should be familiar with the Indian birthstones and their healing power. The Indian birthstones are all precious gemstones and yet there is a birthstone table in Europe too, the Indian one is slightly different. The beautiful pieces of Moghul jewellery represent us with the most beautiful stones of sapphire and Burmese diamond, which help to make each jewellery one of its kind. If you plan to find the most beautiful pieces of Antique jewellery in Dubai, get in contact with some of the most exclusive dealers of luxury jewellery, such as the Devji Aurum. The European dealer of antique jewellery is a London based Indian designer whose company Samira Inc. is worldwide known for those, who are crazy for the most beautiful and most expensive antique jewellery.