Arabic Jewellery Dubai
Here, we would like to represent a couple of the most well known Arabic jewellery brands that you can find in Dubai. Arabic Jewelleries are great because they work based on very strict quality requirements. Arabic jewellery is made out of the finest materials; let them be any kinds of gold, silver and copper as the mainly used materials. Gemstones also are highly preferred by Arabic women, the diamond ranking as the most popular, but the coloured gemstones are beautiful as they pass with the suiting dresses a lot better. That is why they are gaining more and more popularity. Topaz, Opal, Emerald, Turquoise are among the most preferred gemstones.

Damas Jewellery
This company is the most appreciated luxury jewellery brand in Dubai. The Damas Jewellery originated from Syria, ever since it has been operating in Dubai, opening more and more shops in different countries, due to its great success thanks to its high quality luxury choice of jewellery. Damas sells many local and international brands in Dubai. Damas Jewellery has three sorts of shops in Dubai, according to the customers’ budget: the Damas Les Exclusives, Damas Semi-Exclusives and Damas 22K. The high quality, colourful designs sold at Damas are all unique pieces of art.

Taiba Jewellery
Taiba Jewellery is originally a Saudi Arabian jewellery brand, but since long time, it has been operating in Dubai. It is treated as a Dubai original jewellery brand. Taiba Jewellery sells great quality 18K and 22K golden ware, has beautiful collections and its world famous for its beautiful huge ring, which is the biggest golden ring in the world, also enlisted in the Guinness World Book of Records. Taiba Jewellery has a great website, selling all its goods online as well.

Samra Jewellery
Samra Jewellery is very famous for its high quality diamond collections. Samra Jewellery is specialised in diamonds most usually. The Samra brand operates three other brands, the Aria, the Paula and the Splendore each one of them featuring different designs of jewellery collections. Samra Jewellery has a great website, selling its fine diamond jewellery sets also online. Samra is very famous for its greatly elegant wedding jewellery sets.

Himat Jewellery
As one of the oldest jewellery shops in Dubai, Himat Jewellery is among the important jewellery brands of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. Himat sells all sorts of golden and diamond jewellery, it also sells a great quality luxury watches by Longines, Mont Blanc and Roamer. In 2001, Himat Jewellery won the very prestigious Facet Award.

Al Futtaim Jewellery Al Futtaim Watches & Jewellery is among the main manufacturers and sellers, of main international jewellery and watches brands such as Seiko of which Al Futtaim is the exclusive seller. Al Futtaim Jewellery also sells the brands of Espirit, Kolber, in the whole United Arab Emirates and in some parts of Asia and Europe.

Al Zain Jewellery
Al Zain Jewellery is one of the oldest and most prominent jewellery brands in Dubai. The company was founded back in the 1930’s and it has started with pearl trading and manufacturing fine jewellery with pearls. Today, Al Zain sells partly its own jewellery and partly some of the international brands, of which Al Zain is the retailer, like Cacharel and Guy Laroche.

The shops of the mentioned brands can be found in each shopping mall in the city of Dubai. The main hubs of jewellery stores are the Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, BurJuman Shopping Centre and Ibn Battuta Mall. You can also find quality jewellery in the Boulevard and Avenue hotel shopping centres within the Jumeirah Emirates Towers and the Atlantis the Palm hotel.