Azza Fahmy Jewellery - Dubai
Azza Fahmy is internationally recognized as one of the leading jewellery designers of the Middle East and she is prominent as Egypt’s first designer label. Her products and her brand have become very popular and have come to be known and accepted worldwide. This has resulted in huge retail expansions and several outlets came to be opened in many places throughout the world such as Qatar, Jordan, Dubai, and even London.

Each and every piece of jewellery that is crafted at the Azza Fahmy factory is absolutely unique. Each piece of jewelry has culture behind it, and each design has a story behind it. Enter the Azza Fahmy factory and you will see that highly skilled goldsmiths and silversmiths working under the traditional three-layered hierarchy of master, trainer, and trainee. This system ensures that the craft and expertise of making jewelry is passed on from one generation to another and all the craftsmen gain expertise.

The very ancient form of decoration on metals called filigree is used at Azza Fahmy’s. This technique entails twisting very fine threads of silver or gold to form beautiful lace-like decorations. The art, which can be done only by hand, is extremely time-consuming and it is an art that is not used much. But, it is still being used at Azza Fahmy’s. The technique of hand-piercing is also employed here to engrave designed motifs with the help of very thin and sharp tool on the design outline of silver or gold sheets. This technique brings out the true beauty of the designs and you can appreciate the design better.

Azza Fahmy’s jewellery contains a blend of a number of cultures and civilizations and this has been recognized as Azza Fahmy’s signature. The old cultures and civilizations have inspired her to create old Byzantine designs, Victorian designs, Arab motifs, and some ancient and popular verses of various poets. Azza Fahmy has taken inspiration from these famous people – Khalil Gibran, philosopher Ibn Hazm, the Sufis Rumi and Al Hajjaj. She has also drawn inspiration from the Bedouins of Arabia and the Great Sahara Desert.

Azza Fahmy’s couture line has masterpieces which have been very delicately and intricately crafted by hand using traditional methods and techniques. These creations are produced only in limited numbers and you can feel proud of owning one of these limited editions. Azza Fahmy jewelry with calligraphy and motifs is also available for men in modern and contemporary style.

You will discover that there companies who would like to present their loyal and favorite customers with special gifts as a token of their appreciation and Azza Fahmy offers suitable gifts in the corporate line. The corporate line gifts include book marks, money clips, card holders, key chains and anything special that you have in mind. Some of Azza Fahmy’s distinguished clients who have ordered special corporate gifts are Oberoi Hotel, BNP Paribas, DOW Chemicals, Arab Bank, Jordanian Hasemite Court, and the Egyptian Ministry.

Step into any of Azza Fahmy’s boutiques which are found throughout the world and find out what makes her jewellery so beautiful. You will find Azza Fahmy’s boutiques at the Dubai Mall and the Emirates Towers Shopping Boulevard in Dubai.