Dubai Jewellery - Bangles
Dubai has long been famous for their great brands and variety of jewellery sold just everywhere in town. The best places to explore are the famous Gold Souk in Deira and the Gold Souk within the Dubai Mall. Out of these, you can get quality local and international jewellery just everywhere within this metropolis. Bangles are usually sold as either bracelets or strings in each jewellery store.

Bangles are fashionable to wear and you will see an astonishing collection of different bangles all around Dubai. Bangles are generally parts of bigger sets as well. Though normally a small set contains a necklace and a pair of earrings, you can get the same sort of bangle as well. Bangles are also sold within wedding collections So, let us see the bangles by sorts and the places to get them with the highest choice:

Diamond bangles
You can see the best diamond bangles in the collections of Samra, which is specialised in all sorts of diamond jewellery. The Samra has four sub-collections, the Aria, Paula, Samra and Splendore all offering different types and fashions of diamond bracelets. At any store of Damas Jewellery, you can also find great diamond bracelets coming from either local or international collections.

Pearl bangles
At Joyalukkas, you can see the best pearl bangles, sold as strings; you can also see some beautiful examples at the Damas Jewellery. The Damas Jewellery also sells Pearl in great numbers. At Samra Jewellery, you can also find beautiful bangles, not to mention the Al Zain Jewellery stores.

Golden bangles
There is really no jewellery store in Dubai that would not be able to represent at least 2 dozen types of golden bangles. You can choose out of white or normal 18K or 22K gold. Taiba Jewellery also has beautiful golden collections of bangles.

Silver bangles
Silver bangles are sold also for men and for women, of course in different styles. These jewelleries outlets represent the best silver collections of bangles: Tanyaz Jewellery, Samer Jewellery, and Loupe Jewellery and at Tiffany and Company. You can find these stores mostly in the Gold Souk of Dubai.

Wedding bangles
Wedding bangles are the specialities of Samra and Joyalukkas who come up with by far the most beautiful wedding sets. The wedding sets are usually prepared with the usage of diamonds in every size, though for bangles usually the small stones are applied.

Bangles made out of precious coloured gemstones
These you can find at Farah Jewellery that specializes in coloured gems, also Joyalukkas can represent you with beautiful coloured gemstone collections, not to mention all ranges of shops by Damas Jewellery, which is currently selling all sorts of local and international jewellery brands. At the Damas stores, you can see about 20 different styles and sorts of jewellery collections.

More than that, you can get to seek bangles in all the international jewellery stores in the huge shopping malls. Visit the Saks 5th Avenue on Sheikh Zayed Road or the Bloomingdale’s within the Dubai Mall to see even more beautiful bangles for you.