Blue Nile Dubai
As you can see by its name, Blue Nile has probably something to do with Egypt. Unfortunately, we do not know exactly if it is the truth of not, but apart from its name, Blue Nile is a big diamond manufacturer with an online store.. Blue Nile does not have shops within Dubai, but you can freely look around its website and can even order the jewelleries you prefer the best.

Blue Nile deals with refining diamonds, as well as also other gemstones and jewellery. Its signature diamonds are simply terrific. Apart from its own diamonds, Blue Nile also offers Canadian and Fancy Colour diamonds, due to the high demand. In Dubai, it is the diamond jewellery, which is by far the most popular. In addition, Dubai still offers the new generation of coloured diamonds, as well as all the other sorts of jewellery types and brands. You can find almost all international jewellery brands in Dubai. The Engagement and wedding collections and sets of Blue Nile are also widely appreciated. Wedding and engagement ceremonies have key-importance in the life of a Dubai women, so no wonder that these times, some of the finest jewellery in Dubai goes for weddings and engagement parties.

Blue Nile has the following segments: Diamonds, Engagement, Jewellery, Gifts, Education
These segments make the whole process of buying jewellery so simple on the website of Blue Nile. At the Diamond sections, you can see all sorts of diamonds. Then is the Bridal and Engagement jewellery, with the total listing of jewellery. Then, you can also get some great gift ideas over here and the education part helps you a lot in learning about all the different diamonds, gemstones, silver or gold jewellery as much as their process of keeping them clean, instructions on their storage and we could go on. The rates of Blue Nile are outstandingly low, which is another key factor making this jewellery brand so famous.

So, let us talk about Blue Nile more in depth regarding its strengths:
• Simple philosophy: The philosophy is to offer fine quality for good prices! The website of the Blue Nile company is easily understandable, with the help of the education and gifts corners
• The value: With strict quality standards, Blue Nile offers the finest certified diamond collections
• Consulting: With the help of the Blue Nile’s own consultants choosing becomes far easier for you. Consulting can be either through call or through e-mail.
• Risk management: Blue Nile offers security either in purchasing as in delivery. There is also a 30-day return policy. Insurance is also offered as an extra service.
• At Blue Nile, you can also get some very handy information on basic jewellery making. On its website, there is great information with photographs and instructions on how to make simple jewellery step by step.

Unfortunately, Blue Nile does not operate any shops in Dubai and that is what makes its jewellery cheaper than the other jewelleries. Blue Nile is still one of the most notable jewellery dealers in Dubai. In addition, you will not even need to travel if you want to see its beautiful items.