Breguet - Dubai
The Breguet Watch Company was founded in Paris by Abraham-Louis Breguet in the year 1775. As the watch company continued making complicated watches with skill and expertise, it quickly gained the grace of the kings, queens, and other Royalty. Breguet is regarded as the innovator of new watch-making technologies. It is one of the oldest watch-making establishments and has been the pioneer in making many improvements in the watch-making industry. One of the most notable achievements of Breguet is the creation of the Tourbillon which was invented by Abraham Louis Breguet. The tourbillon movement compensates for the difference in rate caused by a watch adopting different positions.

The Breguet Watch Company has made a number of improvisations and innovations in the watch-making industry. Its inventions have left a mark in the history of the company and watch-making. Breguet is not just a brand – it is tradition and there is culture behind it. Breguet created the marine chronometer in the year 1815, which in turn led to the creation of the famous Marine Chronograph and the ladies Marine Chronograph watch collections. Each watch which is meticulously made has manually engine-turned 'guilloche' dials combining ease of function with elegance. A distinctive feature of each watch is that it bears a secret Breguet signature.

Breguet was once introduced to the court of Queen Marie-Antoinette and she became quite fascinated with Breguet’s self-winding watch and she ordered a watch to be made for her that had to contain the following functions: Clock, Perpetual Calendar, Repeater, Thermometer, Chronograph, Power-Reserve, and Pare-Chute. This watch could only be completed 34 years after she was executed.

Have a look at their wonderful collections and you will be amazed by the wonderful collection.
* Classique Collection: The Classique Collection consists of the La Tradition, Classique Automatic, Classique Manual Wind, Le Reveil du Tsar Alarm watch, and the Retrograde Seconds. Special mention ought to be made of the stylish Reveil du Tsar and the elegant Retrograde Seconds. There are other calendar watches with moonphase complications in this collection.
* Grand Complications Series: This series includes Tourbillons, Minute Repeaters, and Equation of Time Complications. Some of these grand complications are often combined with secondary complications such as Perpetual Calendars and Regulateurs. The Tourbillon Messidor is definitely distinctive as it a completely skeletonized watch.
* Marine Collection: The Marine Collection has a bold and sporty look and the collection includes an automatic watch with a large date, chronographs, and a tourbillion. And, for ladies you have jeweled watches.
* Just for the Ladies: Here are some exclusive collections just for the ladies. The Reine de Naples collection has a timepiece which resembles a bracelet. Breguet created the watch exclusively for Napoleon Bonaparte’s sister Caroline who was the Queen of Naples, and thus the name.

Breguet holds a special place in the history of the watch-making industry and in the history of mankind. Breguet has set the standards by which all watch-making is judged. When you think of watches and watch-making, there is no way you can afford to forget Breguet.

Breguet watches are available at all prominent watch dealers I major cities around the world. In Dubai, there are available at the Mall of the Emirates, Rivoli Prestige, and the Dubai Mall.