Breitling - Dubai
Breitling watches are one the world’s well known watches that have become synonymous with power, politicians, celebrities, and sports stars. At one time these watches were originally made for American Air Force pilots and Navy personnel. These watches which at one time served as companions to the high fliers around the globe have now come to be synonymous with fashion and style. The Breitling Watch Company was founded in 1884 by Leon Breitling in the town of St. Imer in Switzerland. He had started the company with the sole idea of creating high-precision chronographs for use in the industrial and scientific sectors. Breitling are class watches and you may not be able to get them at all watch outlets. But, you do get them in watch stores in the prominent shopping malls in Dubai.

When Leon died in 1914 his son took over the reins of the company. His son was interested in aviation and he realized that aviators did not have an accurate tool for recording time in their planes. He created the first wrist chronograph and distributed it to pilots and they became the first Breitling watches to be produced.

The original and genuine Breitling watches are sold at very high prices and these high price ranges are not affordable by the ordinary people. These common people turn to Breitling replicas which give them the chance of having their dreams fulfilled – at least by wearing a replica. While a genuine Breitling watch may cost you several thousand dollars you can get an imitation Breitling for a few hundreds. And, mind you they are very good replicas – it would take an expert to see the difference.

Scott Carpenter, an astronaut approached Breitling for a 24 hour watch dial instead of the usual 12 hour one. He needed such a watch to differentiate between night and day in space. Breitling produced the 24 hour Navitimer for Scott and later the Navitimer went into commercial production. The Navitimer is the world’s oldest continuously produced chronograph. Some of the models available in the Navitimer series are Navitimer World, Cosmonaute, Montbrilliant, Montbrilliant Legende, Montbrilliant Datora, and Chronomatic.

Another watch called the Breitling Emergency was produced that has a radio transmitter for civil aviation use. The transmitter is able to broadcast on the distress frequency in case of emergencies. The Aeromarine series consists of watches for divers. Some of the best watches can be seen in this series. A few of the watches in this series are Avenger, Super Avenger, Avenger Sea Wolf, Chrono Superocean, Superocean Steelfish, Superocean Heritage, Chrono Colt, Colt GMT, Colt Automatic, and Colt Quartz.

Some of the watches that you can see in the Windrider Series are Chronomat 01, Chronoma, Blackbird, Galactic 41, Chrono Galactic, Galactic 32, and Galactic 30. You will find some of the best watches in the Professional series. Some of the watches are Emergency, Aerospace, Airwolf Raven, Skyracer Raven, and Chronospace.

Breitling watches represent class, luxury, and taste and they are the kind of watches that you come across very rarely. And, if you are staying in Dubai you can purchase your Breitling watch at any of their boutiques in Deira City Centre, Mirdif City Centre, Mall of the Emirates, and Dubai Duty Free at Dubai International Airport.