Colored Diamonds Dubai
The colored diamonds' market is a slippery ground anywhere in the world as well in Dubai. Before getting more information on where to get colored diamonds in Dubai, you must get closer to the world of diamonds, in order not to spend out huge sums for a stone that will later turn out to be worthless.

To start with: There is the rule of the 4Cs when you are up to buy a diamond. You must always check out those parameters otherwise your future diamond might turn out to be worthless in real: Cut, color, Clarity, Carat.

These characteristics are so-so vital in the diamond business. Several types of cuts for diamond exist, with many preferences, nowadays the oval shape is among the most fashionable forms.

Color: These are the most important factors to think about when you are buying diamond. There are many ways to cause diamond a different color, but in real, the real color of the diamond varies from pure white to yellow on a quite large scale with so little differences at once that you would never realise them.

The importance of the natural color:
The colored diamonds are usually called fancy colored diamonds, and these are most commonly colored at labs. That is what makes the price of the colored diamonds so tricky, that they can even use the lowest quality brown diamond in order to create a red diamond for you. It might be nice but will be worth around 1/10 of the original white diamond and what is worse, that the jewellery might actually make you pay as much as if you bought a pure white diamond.

In the labs, colored diamonds are easily made in all sorts of colors, with a special high-pressure heating, boiling chemical procedure. Even if you fancy a colored diamond, you must check out its saturation. If it is very strong, it loses from its value all the most.

Always buy in such stores that are quality stores in Dubai. As it is a slippery ground, with no afore stated prices for the colored diamonds, traders do not really like to sell them. They rather do the color trick with the help of another gemstone or semi-gem. Check out even with a yellow diamond if it is natural or not. You will see it, because the clarity of the two is different.

Cost: The price of fancy colored diamonds is much lower and you can tell it after a while whether a color is true or fake by seeing its shade and saturation. However, the big problem is, that anyone can tell you any price for colored diamonds, as they do not have a set up price. The shapes and cuts of colored diamonds is way different from those of white diamonds, because the cut the white needs is to bring out all its shine, while the cut colored diamonds get is to enhance their color.

In Dubai, the brand jewellery stores prefer not to sell colored diamonds. At Damas, you can find yellow, pinkish or black diamonds for instance but not in a large scale. Taiba also sells some of them but in a limited number. At Farah Jewellery, you might have more chance, or if you check out the Gold Souk in Dubai. However, act very carefully with prices of colored diamonds, otherwise chances are higher that you fail to make a good deal.