Damas Jewellery - Dubai
Is it possible that there could be any person who has not heard of Damas Jewellery? No, that would be downright impossible, for Damas is a name that first comes to your mind whenever you think of jewellery. Damas is a group that deals in integrated jewellery and operates through its 400+ stores located in a number of countries around the world. Damas is reputed to be the leading jewellery and watch retailer in the Middle East and has a number of outlets in Dubai. It, primarily, deals in white and yellow gold as well as diamonds. The Damas Group would like to ensure that all their customers go back happy and satisfied, and that would make them immensely happy.

Damas Jewellery extends its marketing operations to jewellery and watches through three types of stores which are exclusively designed to cater to a special type of customer.
* The Les Exclusive Stores is meant for select customers and the wide range of products also includes exclusive brands of jewellery and watches.
* The Semi-Exclusive Stores offer products which are popular with consumers who belong to the upper-middle classes, and most of whom are office workers, expatriates, and tourists.
* The Damas 22K Stores are very popular with the middle-income groups and the working classes. You will find jewellery and watches from their own as well as other regional brands.

Apart from these three store formats, Damas Group also offers other stores such as watch stores, mono-brand stores, Damas Kids, individually branded stores such as Marhaba Jewellery, Farhan Jewellers, and other duty-free shops. Watch stores and Time Art Stores sell internationally branded watches, including Damas watches, at affordable prices. The Mono-brand stores which are dedicated to a single international brand are located throughout the United Arab Emirates.

The Damas Group which is based in Dubai had its origin in Syria in 1907. The Group opened its first retail outlet in Dubai in 1959 and in 1985 its retail stores started selling international brands. It launched its own brand in 1988, and the Damas presence can be felt in many countries around the world such as Egypt, Japan, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, India, and the UAE. When you enter any of Damas outlets in Dubai, the beauty of their creations and the magnificence of the jewellery will mesmerize you. Take a look at them and you will be taken in by the beauty of Damas Jewellery. Boudoor, Farasha, Fulla, Harmony, Jawahar, and Nakshatra are some of the well known brands brought out by Damas. The splendor of the earrings, the radiance of the pendants, the radiance of the bangles, and the grandeur of the necklaces will make you dizzy. Have a look at their anklets, bracelets, brooches, and hair clips – the intricate workmanship will hold you spell bound.

Browse through the international brands which are on offer at their outlets. Feel the magic of the Black Rose Collection from Annamaria Cammilli, enjoy the Daniel K Collection, while the Capri Leaves Compilation from Luca Carati will hypnotize you.

When you step into a Damas outlet to experience the elegance, grace, and the sheer sophistication of their jewellery, you can expect nothing but the best.