Jewellery Shops at Deira City Centre
Deira City Centre is one of the most talked about shopping malls in Dubai. The Deira City Centre belongs to the most prominent shopping malls of Dubai, coming right after the enormous Dubai Mall and the beautiful Mall of the Emirates its Deira City Centre, together with the Bur Juman Shopping mall, which come to the third place.

Deira is one of the oldest parts of Dubai, a Medina or old city part, which though could not remain old styled with the sole exception of its souk or marketplace area and its dhow wharfage. Deira is though quite popular. Its traditional souks are huge and there are many of them, segmented according to what they offer. The most known parts of the huge souk area are the Dubai Gold Souk, the Fish Souk, the Textile and Perfume Souk and the Spice Souk. The Gold Souk is the most visited souk by every tourist and indeed, it is a great place. The Gold Souk is a beautiful lane where exclusively gold shops selling superior gold, are standing. There is just every big and famous manufacturer over here. So do not think that because it is a souk, they sell only low quality jewellery. The gold at the gold souk is of the best quality. All shops try to outnumber its neighbouring shops by representing high quality gold. Of course, they cannot do that they sell low quality for business reasons. The best time to visit the Gold souk is in the summer, by the time of Dubai Summer Surprises, where all jewellery shops and watches shops are making discounts in their shops.

Dubai City Centre is famous in Dubai because it is huge and has many brand shops that you would not find elsewhere. This also includes the Carrefour the biggest Dubai shop of which can be found in the Dubai City Centre itself. Deira City Centre has several entertainment programs as well and many great restaurants and bars too. Deira City Centre is also multicoloured. It does not only sell clothes and jewellery. It has a great Antique part with several huge bookshops as well and you can buy furniture and home accessories over there. The shopping mall has an electronic part too, selling home and entertainment electronics and there are some great music stores too, in the Deira City Centre. For this reason, the Deira City Centre does not have many jewellery shops, but what it has are the very best jewellery shops of Dubai.

Out of the shops, you will see in the Gold Souks that almost every shop has one or two smaller brand shops in the biggest and most known shopping centre. The Al Futtaim Group, the Damas all have more stores around Dubai. In the Deira City Centre too, you can find both of them together with Frey Wille, one of the top European jewellery brand as well. The other reason Deira City Centre does not have that many jewellery shops is also because of the presence of the Deira Gold Souk, just some minutes away. So, use your time and explore both of them. For sure, out of gold and gems, you will find many treasures of other type in the Deira City Centre.