Designer Jewellery - Dubai
There is nothing easier than finding designer jewellery in Dubai. Let us see the main places where you have the brightest chance to find the best and biggest number of designer jewellery shops.

The big designer houses have seen it on time that they must come out with something more exclusive and slightly different from clothes, something that can create extra attention, yet not entirely focusing it away from the clothes. That is why most of the best-known brands of the world have first created their accessories, which made huge success. Then, entered the jewelleries, which is in fact a bigger and more exclusive business, step closer to the full meaning of the word: luxury.

When Dubai started to gain interest in terms of tourism, huge buildings have started, concentrating on making more shops and business complexes mainly, as two of the most favourite activities of Dubai people. With the establishment of the first few shopping centres, Dubai gained an even bigger name for itself by being the playground of the big and rich people. Moreover, as business brought business, more and more classical jewellery stores started to open, along a way or area first, then getting in to the shopping malls as well.

In real, for Dubai locals, the designer brands only count, when they can generate bigger income. Although most people with the exception of the Westerners would prefer the authentic Arabic jewellery, Dubai has had to put hundreds of American and British stores, with all its great skills in designing of jewellery. Still, fashion is fashion and business is business. If Americans are tending to buy in Bloomingdale’s more, be it jewellery or anything, then they need Bloomingdale's to be there in Dubai, along with the Saks Fifth Avenue.

Most of the well-known fashion designers have already opened their collections of accessories and jewelleries and most of them are overly famous. In addition, many labels have issued their own timepiece collections too, having their jewellery and watch shops in Dubai as well. Of course, here, you can find every single brand among world’s most famous fashion designs, such as Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Dior, Fendi and we could go on. Not all designer outlets have decided to make their jewellery range, but at least most of them did. Chanel has its own designer label store in the Dubai mall, and Gucci as well. Dolce & Gabbana has its stores in more malls, such as Gucci, Guess or Versace.

Dubai has about a dozen of big shopping malls, the biggest ones including the Dubai Mall, the Mall of the Emirates, The Marina Mall, and the BurJuman Centre and Deira City Centre. There is also the Ibn Battuta Mall, the Jumeirah Boulevard, the Al Ghurair City Centre and many more, not mentioning the Gold Souk of Deira.

Of course, designer jewellery could be of any brands or designers. Damas, Samra, or Joyalukkas Jewellery has all the most beautiful collections in the Middle East. Yet if still in Dubai you would prefer seeing the European or Asian market, then you have the great chance to do so. So do not hesitate go on a long Dubai jewellery seeking trips, a so-called quest.