Dubai Diamond Jewellery
Dubai, the Middle Eastern paradise on Earth for the tourists and for everyone who can afford the highest luxury, has been long famous for its love for jewellery and trading with gold, pearls and gems. Dubai, also called the City of Gold or the Pearl of the Persian Gulf, has been always famous for its long traditions of diamond merchandising and refining.

Dubai is full of jewellery shops and no jeweller exists who would not have at least one set of diamonds. The diamond trading connects Dubai with diverse parts of Africa and Asia. Today, Dubai would like to bring back the old shine of jewellery making and trading, so that is why it has set up a whole business complex dedicated to gems and gold trading. It has set up a beautiful jewellery museum, namely the Dubai Pearl Museum and a huge international yearly event, called the Dubai Jewellery Week. The diamond means Al Mas in Arabic. The Al Mas skyscraper not only dedicated entirely to the Diamond business, but also destined to bring back Dubai to the international platform of the biggest sellers of diamonds, gold and other gems.

Dubai has several prominent jewellery makers and traders, such as the Damas Jewellery, being by far the biggest company of this sort in Dubai, the Joyalukkas Jewellery, the Samra Jewellery and the Al Futtaim-Al Zain Jewellery. In Dubai, the biggest part of exclusive diamond jewellery is sold in collections, mainly in wedding sets. Most jewellery stores in Dubai have their own special wedding collections, made out of the best gems and gold, white gold or platinum. Knowing the high importance of weddings in the Arabic world, it is no wonder that many jewellery shops have their own area specifically for the wedding collections, such as Samra Jewellery’s Bridal sets. Samra Jewellery’s Aria and Samra collections are dedicated specifically to the Dubai diamond jewellery. One set usually contains a necklace with one pair of earrings, or a necklace, a pair of earrings and a bracelet. Rings are sold separately, for the bridal rings having their own section over here too.

Here, some jewellery shops, such as the Joyalukkas Jewellery concentrates even more on Bridal sets and wedding collections. The Joyalukkas was the first ever Dubai jewellery shop to create their Wedding Centre segment, specially reserved for couples to get married. Of course, Joyalukkas has a perfect diamond collection of sets for any occasions as well.

In the biggest shopping centres, such as in the Dubai Mall, the Mall of the Emirates, the BurJuman Centre and Deira City Centre, there are several local and international jewellery shops in order to suit the requirements of the Westerners, whose preferences differ from those of the Arabic women.

In Dubai, there is only one limit that might stop you from getting the most wonderful gold and diamond jewellery, which is in fact the limit of your credit card. The Diamond jewellery business is also soon to re-flourish fully in Dubai, so now it is really worth buying the best items. If you are lucky, you will even get a discount.