Jewellery Shops at the Dubai Mall
The Dubai Mall is not only the biggest shopping centre of Dubai, but also the biggest shopping mall in the world by far. The Dubai Mall is not only a great place for shopping, but also it is a great place for entertainment as well.

Having various theme parks within the shopping centre, Dubai Mall is possibly the most entertaining shopping mall in the world. The Dubai Mall is very proud to own the world’s only underwater zoo and Aquarium, with the largest Aquarium in the world with hundreds of different types of fishes. It is among only one of the several great activities that are all there, within the Dubai Mall.

The Dubai Mall has thousands of shops. The shops are all sorts, mainly selling fashion items, it is full of brand stores, accessory and jewellery stores selling some of the best Dubai jewellery. There are several designer brand shops, such as the Hermes, the Gucci, Longchamp or even Harley Davidson. Among the fashion items, the Dubai Mall distinguishes several segments, such as the Arabic, the Bridal or the Lingerie.

You might have all heard of the great role of gold in the Muslim countries. Gold means the richness in the Arabic and Muslim world, the gold making of Arabic is very old, very traditional. All the Arabic countries have extremely beautiful artworks. Moreover, in Dubai you can find them all, the best quality gold from all around the world is sold over here. The most famous place to buy gold is in Deira, called the Gold Souk. Here, there are all sorts of brands and shops and cannot be mistaken by the glitz and glamour of the shopping centres. All the biggest, richest gold manufacturers have their shops in the Gold Souk.

The segment of the Dubai Mall selling the jewellery is called the Gold Souk. Here, just as in the world famous Gold Souk located in Deira, you can find just every type, sort and brand of jewellery. The interesting in gold jewellery is that you have to consider two places; the first is the place where the gold comes from, which is normally Asia, consisting of India, Turkey, the Arabic Peninsula, and the African continent. The other place to consider of course is where the gold is reworked, shaped into being a fantastic piece of jewellery.

There are all sorts of fine jewellery makers and manufacturers all around the world. Also the Dubai Souk distinguishes different parts for the Arabic, Middle Eastern Jewellery brands, the European and American brands, the Indian brands. The most famous fine jewellery makers of Dubai are Al Futtaim, Al Anwaar, and Damas, which are in fact an Indian–Dubai brand, Mahallati - being also Indian and Marhaba Jewellery shops.

There is a segment for the pieces of modern jewellery; there are more than 50 different jewellery shops within the Dubai Mall. Here, if you are a fan of gold jewellery, you will not find a better place, than the Gold Souks of Deira and the Dubai Mall. The Dubai Mall gold souk is so great, that it is frequently featured in international newspapers as among the very best places.