Dubai Jewellery - Earrings
Dubai is world famous already of its high-class jewelleries, and earrings are of course not exceptions either. You can find the world’s most beautiful earrings and sets in the jewellery stores of Dubai.

Dubai, the City of Gold, is world famous for its fine quality gold and all sorts of jewellery. Dubai as the former Nr.1 pearl distributor in the Middle East would like to bring more emphasis on its diamond and coloured gemstone trading. Today, Dubai people and tourists spend 55% of the total global jewellery sold in the world. The Dubai Gold and Diamond Park which has just opened its doors to visitors, is also destined to bring more attention to Dubai soon to become the highest ever seller not only of gold jewellery but also of diamonds and coloured gemstones.

For us tourists though, the best and most easily reachable place to buy the best Dubai gold earrings is the world famous Gold Souk of Dubai. Let us see which Dubai jewellery brands are specialized in which sort of earrings:

Diamond earrings
Samra Jewellery is specialized in all sorts of diamond jewellery. They have some of the widest choice of diamond earrings all over Dubai. Samra has several shops in Dubai, if nowhere else; you will find them in the Gold Souk of Dubai. Samra has four collections, out of which one is solely for wedding sets, with beautiful earrings of course.

Pearl earrings
Damas Jewellery sells the best pearl earrings and jewellery sets in Dubai. Damas currently sells about 30 different national and international sub-brands in their stores. Damas Jewellery has three types of stores, according to the budget of the buyers. The highest quality jewellery is sold in the Damas Exclusives stores, which you can find in almost every shopping centre. Damas is also present in the Gold Souk. Apart from them, the Indian Joyalukkas also sells premium quality pearl earrings in their stores.

Golden earrings
You can find the best quality gold in the shops of Taiba jewellery, which sells earrings in 18 K or 22 K. Taiba Jewellery is world famous for its biggest ring in the world.

Silver earrings
Silver earrings are sold everywhere in town. Yet some of the premium silver jewellery makers are the Loupe, The Tanyaz and the Samer Jewelleries.

Wedding earrings
Samra and Joyalukkas Jewelleries have specialized wedding collections in which of course earrings are present as well. A normal set is made out of a pair of earrings and a necklace usually, sometimes escorted by either a pendant or broche or a bracelet.

Earrings with gemstones
For earrings with coloured gemstones, visit the shops of Farah Jewellery and Damas Jewellery. The Joyalukkas Jewellery also has perfect jewellery collections made out of precious gemstones.

For looking at the international choices in buying earrings, visit the stores of Raymond Weil, Chanel Jewellery or Cartier Paris in the Dubai Mall. Beautiful earrings are sold at the Saks and the Bloomingdale’s as well.