Dubai Jewellery - Engagement Rings
An engagement ring can be equal with the wedding ring or it can be a separate ring as well. If it is a separate ring, it can be a little bit simpler than the wedding ring itself. An engagement usually precedes the marriage with either some months or years in the worst case. During the time of the engagement, the engagement ring is worn as a wedding ring.

There is no real difference in style between the engagement ring and the wedding ring. If the wedding ring is gold, then the engagement ring can be silver. That is usually the biggest difference between the two. Let us now see where we can get some of the best engagement rings in Dubai.

Dubai is a long time base of gold trading in the Middle East. Dubai had first gained name for itself with its alone standing pearls and soon has become one of the main trading cities in the Persian Gulf. Dubai is named either the City of Gold or the Pearl of the Persian Gulf.

Diamond engagement rings
In Dubai, it is the Damas and the Samra Jewelleries, which are the biggest experts of quality diamond engagement rings. Samra has the greatest diamond wedding collections. Damas Jewellery though has the widest choice of jewellery, as it sells more than 20 sub-brands both by local and by international manufacturers. Damas has three sorts of stores depending on the jewellery’s value. The highest valued jewellery is sold in the Damas Exclusives stores that can be found in most of the biggest central shopping malls and in the Gold Souk of Dubai as well.

Pearl engagement rings
If you want the best pearl engagement rings and wedding rings, visit one of the stores of Joyalukkas Jewellery, which has indeed beautiful collection of pearl engagement rings, made out of Japanese pearl, or one of the Damas stores where the very exclusive South Pearl rings are sold.

Golden engagement rings
Gold is very easy to get in Dubai. You can find golden engagement rings in almost every corner. The rings are sold in 18K or 22K. The most known jewellery brands selling fine quality gold are the Damas, Taiba, Farah or Al Zain Jewelleries. Of course, there are hundreds of jewelleries in the Gold Souk, where you can find beautiful engagement rings. Gold and white gold is often mixed to create two-coloured engagement and wedding rings.

Silver engagement rings
Silver engagement rings are often used, as Muslim men are not allowed to wear any sort of gold on themselves. That is why male engagement rings are typically bought in silver. Most jewellery has its own silver collection, sometimes even mixing silver with gold or with copper. The most known silver trading jewelleries are Samer, Tanyaz and Loupe Jewelleries in Dubai.

Engagement rings made out of precious coloured gemstones
For the most beautiful rings decorated with coloured gemstones, go to check out the offer of Joyalukkas and Farah Jewelleries. Of course, Damas has more than beautiful collections made out of coloured gemstones as well.

And if you ultimately feel there is something more waiting for you concerning engagement rings, check out some of the international stores, such as Tiffany, the Saks 5th Avenue and the Bloomingdale’s which are all very popular for their jewellery. If you checked all these through, you might end up buying not one but even more engagement rings!