Dubai Fashion Jewellery
In Dubai, fashion jewellery is highly popular to wear, although in the Islam religion it has been said that revealing too much jewellery is not good, but people partly act according to their upbringing and the local customs. In such a rich sheikhdom as is Dubai, it is almost natural for women to buy the most expensive, luxurious things, so it is no wonder that the total selling of gemstones and diamonds in Dubai makes the 55 percent of the total income out of jewellery selling in the world.

Dubai women have been highly fashion conscious ever since Dubai started to flourish. In the old times, wearing jewellery has brought its wearer luck, even brought defending powers and the same goes with the gemstones too, which are even advertised in such ways even in Europe and in other countries as well. The tradition of wearing jewellery is based on ancient tribal customs. And today, as fashion jewellery is becoming more and more popular to wear with all the brand clothes, it’s no wonder that every top designer brands have opened their jewellery stores as well, selling high quality fashion jewellery, according to the great demand.

In real, all sorts of jewellery can be fashion jewellery; the only distinguishing factor is, whether they are made for Arabic fashion or Intercontinental fashion. Of course, jewelleries are different. Arabic people love to reveal their jewellery and to be big as a statement. Women tend to collect golden jewellery and gemstones in families for a long time. Sometimes, Arabic fashion jewellery is kept for the future generations and as collateral for a family, in case of any trouble. The same goes for the keeping of gemstones. The most popular fashion jewellery is made of gold or white gold and including some sort of gems, with the diamonds being the most popular gemstones in Dubai. You can buy fashion jewellery at so many stores in Dubai that would take a week to explore them all. In Dubai, it is still the Gold Souk or marketplace, where most of the finest quality jewellery is sold.

And if you would prefer to buy the fashion jewellery released by any international brands, then visit some of the biggest malls, like the Mall of the Emirates or the Saks Fifth Avenue, the Bloomingdale’s which offer rich intercontinental collections suiting anyone’s taste. The best collections of jewellery can be also found in Tiffany and Co. the world’s largest jewellery seller and in uncountable places all around the downtown of Dubai.

If you want the top quality, you must visit the Gold Souk of Dubai Mall, featuring the offers of at least two dozens of different jewelleries. Therefore, you can be sure, that you will find more than enough great fashion jewellery for you in Dubai. Fashion jewellery is for sure to remain always the top sellers over there.