Dubai Fine Jewellery
Dubai is the Middle Eastern base of fine jewellery and although Turkey has great gold bazaars, they cannot really compete with the number and quality of fine jewellery sold in Dubai. Dubai is a hub where European, Asian and African jewellery trading meets and can make some brilliant business together.

Therefore, Dubai has established a unique complex, targeting the global jewellery makers, called Dubai Gold and Diamond Park where future distribution of fine jewellery will be executed, according to the hopes of the Dubai government.

Dubai also helps promoting its jewellery trading in every possible ways. The Dubai International Jewellery Week gives great opportunities for all local and international businesspersons to meet up and to make a better picture of global fine jewellery trading.

Talking about the metals used for manufacturing, the most fashionable metal is still the gold in yellow, white and pink colours. Silver ware, however popular they are come only on the second place in popularity. The platinum is not suitable for making jewellery as its way too pricy and there are problems with its quantity as well. Copper is also used in limited quantities for making jewellery. The manufacturers often mix silver with a given percent of copper too. Let us now see the chances in Dubai to see the greatest collections of fine jewellery:

Diamond fine jewellery
Diamonds are overall sold as the most popular decorations for fine jewellery in Dubai. Here, the Samra Jewellery is one of the best experts in all sorts of diamond jewellery. Samra makes the classical pieces in the jewellery industry. The Damas Jewellery though makes extra quality fine jewellery with more extravagant designs and colours implemented, creating unforgettable art pieces of jewellery. Samra jewellery though has altogether four brands, with the Samra being one of them together with the Paula, Splendore and Aria ranges, which slightly differ from the clean designs of Samra.

Pearl fine jewellery
Jewellery made out of pearl is one speciality of Dubai, the former pearl empire of the Middle East. The best pearl jewellery is sold by the Les Exclusives Stores of Damas Jewellery; the Joyalukkas Jewellery brand has also quality pearl items on sale.

Golden fine jewellery
Gold, let it be white, pink or yellow is the best quality in Dubai. The gold is the most popular metal for fine jewellery. Check out the best gold jewellery at Taiba Jewellery, Al Zain Jewellery, Damas and Joyalukkas Jewelleries. They all sell great quality gold items, with Damas having the biggest choice of jewellery as it sell around 20 different brands in its shops.

Silver fine jewellery
The Tanyaz and Loupe jewelleries sell currently the best silver ware together with the Samer. However, in the big Gold Souk of Dubai, you can find some beautiful silver fine jewellery in almost every jewellery shops.

Wedding fine jewellery
The Joyalukkas Jewellery and the Samra Jewellery have the most beautiful wedding sets of fine jewellery, without any doubts. In Dubai, most big jewelleries have special wedding or bridal collections though.

Fine jewellery with gemstones
Look for the great fine jewellery of Joyalukkas and Damas, creating a great cavalcade of colours within its jewellery.

This was only basic information on Dubai fine jewellery. In Dubai, there are so many quality stores, although the mentioned stores are the most notable all around the Sheikhdom. International fine jewellery sold in the shops of Tiffany, the Saks and the Bloomingdale’s as well. Good luck with your find jewellery shopping in Dubai!