Frey Wille - Dubai
Frey Wille is a Viennese enamel-jewellery manufacturer who is famous throughout the world for its artistic and authentic designs. The Austrian company was founded by the Michaela Frey who created ornamental artefacts and jewellery made out of enamel. She painstakingly decorated the pieces by hand using floral and folklore motifs. She was joined by Friedrich Wille as a partner and after her death, Freidrich managed the entire operations.

Frey’s beautiful art jewellery has brought about new standards in the jewellery market. All collections need to undergo a two year development process and you will see that hundreds of sketches and color details go into the making of the design prototypes. All the artists follow the company’s high standards of historical knowledge and research work.

This design policy and philosophy gave rise to wonderful results – the creation of magic in fine enamel with 24k gold. This creation was well appreciated in international circles. Several boutiques were opened all across Europe beginning from 1993 and it saw a rise in exports from Vienna to various countries throughout the world, but mostly to Europe and the Middle East, and more particularly Dubai.

Frey Wille has a team of wonderful artists, goldsmiths, and enamel experts who are responsible for the incredible success. The phenomenal success has given rise to a number of boutiques in all the important cities in the world such as London, Paris, Moscow, Beijing, Istanbul, Dubai, and Hong Kong. Frey Wille jewelers have come to occupy an important place in the jewellery industry.

Frey Wille has its factory in Vienna where artists, goldsmiths, designers, and enameling experts sit together to create masterpieces – masterpieces that cannot be lost even through passage of time. And, the perfection that is achieved could only be through years of experience and expertise. Do you know that it takes 80 meticulous steps in order to sculpt a poetry in enamel?

Take a look at some of divine creations of Frey Wille. View the Water Drop Earrings and you will be amazed by the beauty of the pendant earrings with artistically designed enamel. Take some time off to view the Gentleman’s collection where the right choice of accessories could make all the difference. Browse through the Elegant jewellery Collection ‘Nixe’ and you will not have any words to describe the beauty of the creation. The collection radiates royalty and the silent power that you feel is absolutely majestic. Take a look at the Living Art Frey Wille collections where you can some really good creations. Discover the beauty of Barrel and Quadra watches which have set new trends in the world of fashion. These watches display chronographic precision with elegance.

Frey Wille is a recognized brand which creates artistic jewellery in fine enamel and the beauty of the value lies in its artistic creation. But, do you know what sets a Frey Wille product apart? The artistic quality of the design, the engineering, and the creative spirit will bring to life the magic of a Frey Wille product.

Come and try Free Wille jewellery today. At Dubai, you can find Frey Wille’s products at Deira City Center, Mall of the Emirates, and the Mirdif City Center.