Gemstones - Dubai
First, all sorts of gemstones are used in the manufacturing of jewellery. Gemstones are all very special, and much liked in jewelleries, as well as alone. We all know though that gemstones are quite expensive and harder to find than the ordinary gold or silver metals. Due to the huge development and attention toward the diamond business, Dubai has decided to put higher emphasis on the coloured gemstones as well.

Certain gemstones, especially the coloured ones or half-gems are still said to give certain healing powers to their wearers. There is the gem astrology as well, saying which gem is the best for which astrological sign. Also interesting to know, that in the Arabic world, still many rich families, even the royal families have their own gemstone collections, in case of any trouble. It is no wonder that the total rate of bought jewelleries in Dubai makes 55% out of the total selling of gemstones globally.

Dubai is famous for its former pearl and present gold and diamond industry. The organization responsible for this growth of business in Dubai is mainly the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC), which also deals with the new Diamond and jewellery complex of Dubai, the Al Mas Tower and its other skyscrapers, where the seat of jewellery trading has been moved. Now, the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) that has also allowance to operate as a Free Zone (not paying taxes at all) has created a club and organization in one called the Dubai Gems Club (DGC), which gives its members exclusive opportunities in trading with all sorts of gemstones. This club offers exclusive trading platform in order to network with the international gemstone companies and societies. Those who belong to this club get preferences and better rates above the ordinary buyers. Only a maximum number of 25 companies can be the members of this exclusive Club though, with the priority for those who are members of the DMCC.

The Dubai Gems Club (DGC) offers its member the following services
• secure trading rooms with the full respect of privacy toward traders
• keeping the norms of the gemstone trading considering coloured gemstones and diamonds
• ensures all requirements that are necessary for the best business collaboration and cooperation
• The DGC will not make neither disclose any business statistics of any member’s business operations unless otherwise specified
• It is destined to make the most successful connection of the public and the private sectors
• Offers its member easy reach for the first ISO certified Gem Certification Service

According to previous statistics, Dubai locals and tourists who buy gemstones in Dubai, the rubies (44%), sapphires (28%) and emeralds (24%) are the most popular to be bought, among the coloured gemstones. Of course, not meaning diamonds here which are by far the most popular to buy. The most preferred shape of gemstone to be bought is oval with an 18 Karat white or yellow gold setting, let it be a ring or in a pair of earrings.

DMCC also plans to create a future database of overall gemstone and jewellery trading statistics. In addition, we can see that such a flourishing business as with the gemstones for sure moves the industries of Dubai forward. If you feel like seeing more of the beautiful gemstones and jewellery Dubai can offer, try to come during the Dubai Jewellery Week, where you can see so many beauties exhibited in the Dubai Exhibition Centre.