Dubai Gold & Diamond Park
Dubai has an important role on the global market of gold and jewellery and it has been world famous for its quality jewellery brands that are operating quite a long ago. Dubai’s role in jewellery came with its top trading abilities in gold and pearls. Moreover, with the establishing of the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park, Dubai makes it sure that it stays so even making this role more of a priority for them. Dubai Gold and Diamond Park is not far from the centre of Dubai, established and operated by the Emaar Properties and has proven a great success for both the local and the international jewellery industry.

The other thing is the very big rivalry within the Middle Eastern zone with the head of diamond industry in the world, which is Israel. Israel has top diamond refining companies and the highest number of firms and brands all dealing with diamonds. So it is no wonder that Dubai, the business empire strikes back to take over the diamond business for once.

The Dubai Gold and Diamond Park has been established in 2001. The idea coming from the Sheikh of Dubai has to be realised in an elegant manner giving great business solutions for those who are in the jewellery business. One of the largest developers, the Emaar Properties had made this plan to come true. The Dubai Gold and Diamond Park is operating party as part of the huge Jebel Ali Free Zone partly individually. In tax and legal matters, it follows the regulation of the Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority. Free zone means a place where does not tax apply neither on workers nor on manufacturers. There is an exact value of customs tax but that can be repaid after each business activity has taken place.

The total area of the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park is huge, with its almost 156 thousand square metres meaning the area gained in Phase 1 or the total area which we can see in a couple of years. In the area that is now operating, we can see seven buildings containing altogether 118 workshops and a visitor’s centre with 37 jewellery shops that is ultimately planned for tourists and visitors to spend time there. The 118 workshops are mainly locals but with more and more international manufacturers arriving gradually. When it is ready, it will be the largest and one an only of such complexes in the whole world.

Here is some enlisted information on the entire complex:
• It’s a limited liability company fully owned by Emaar Properties
• The existing part contains a manufacturing block with 118 workshops and a visitors’ centre with 37 retail stores
• Workshops, retail units and offices can be leased from 1 up to 3 years max.
• The park enjoys governmental support
• It’s a 100% tax free zone
• All facilities offered for a healthy and absolutely operating environment
• The visitor’s centre attracts more and more tourists
• 24/7 operational freedom
• All visas of expatriate workers are helped
• Top security in the whole area

We hope you can get to visit the Visitors’ Centre of the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park while you are in Dubai. All the biggest brands are planning to open their shops, out of those who did not so far. The Dubai Gold and Diamond Park surely offers the best possible environment for a jewellery manufacturer and retailer. Thinking about the huge wholesale businesses, the place is ideally close to the huge port and to the new airport in the Jebel Ali Free Zone.