Dubai Gold Jewellery
Dubai is called the City of Gold on its second name. By this simple fact, you can quickly come to the consideration that Dubai indeed has an important role in the international platform of gold trading and manufacturing. Indeed, Dubai has long traditions in making some of the most beautifully crafted gold jewellery in the world. So, let us see the best places for you to get great quality gold jewellery.

Of course, for Arabic people gold has still a high value. Gold is present everywhere in Dubai. In the downtown area, you really cannot go 10 steps without seeing a jewellery shop, bigger or smaller, but selling gold.

Dubai has some of the biggest names in jewellery making as well. The Damas, the Samra or the Joyalukkas are all prominent houses of jewellery, with Damas operating three types of shops even, in different price and quality categories. When you see Damas Exclusives, you will instantly know that Damas is about the finest and most expensive gold jewellery. Damas sells excellent quality gold jewellery in any of its 424 shops that are present in 14 countries today.

The biggest shopping malls and the most luxurious shopping places are all stuffed with dozens of shops selling their fine gold jewellery. Dubai Mall even has its own Gold Souk or marketplace. Moreover, Mall of the Emirates, BurJuman Shopping Centre, Ibn Battuta Mall being some of the biggest and most favourite ones in Dubai sell all sorts of local and international gold jewellery.

There are jewellery shops and watch shops in every 4-5 star hotel as well; even, some hotels have small shopping centres, such as The Boulevard for Jumeirah Emirates Towers and Avenue at the Atlantis hotel in Palm Jumeirah.

We cannot mention gold jewellery without actually mentioning their first "home" in Dubai, which is the big Gold Souk of Deira. Here, you will hardly be able to protect your eyes from the shining offers of the hundreds of jewellery stores located over there.

The Gold Souk is in a more traditional part of Dubai, the former royal and governmental seat of the city. Today, Deira is specialised for its large souk labyrinth and its being renovated by the Dubai government to look more attractive for everyone. Deira will soon have its "own" palm shaped island, the biggest ever out of the tree the constructions of which have already started. The Deira Palm will bring Deira a lot more attention in the future. However, the Gold Souk remains an always-visited part. Unlike its name, do not expect it to be just a bunch of bazaars. The biggest jewellery houses also have their bases over here, together with their shops.

If you feel like getting some sort of international gold jewellery, then the shopping centres will give you more than enough chance for doing so. The Chanel, the Chopard, the Cartier and many more big brands have their shops in Dubai. So, do not waste your time, go to shop some gold jewellery for yourself and of course for your family too.