Jewellery Shops at The Gold Souk
The Gold Souk of Dubai is famous all over the world. We could as well say that the Dubai Gold Souk is one of the main attractions of Dubai. There is no tourist who would not go to this very special place of Dubai, in fact it is a must-see in this Middle Eastern metropolis.

The famous Gold Souk of Dubai is located in Deira, which is an older part of this relatively new city. The Gold Souk is and remains the main attraction of this district. Just the mouth of the Dubai Creek locates Deira and it used to be the governmental centre of the sheikhdom until the Sixties. Deira, ever since is the most known for its traditional covered souk quarter which is segmented into diverse souks just as the fish or the textile souk. The other great attraction of the district is the historical dhow wharfage, a little port featuring the old dhows, long time used as the only effective way of transporting goods from Dubai to Asia and Africa. Dhows are still used in the business life of Dubai of today.

The Gold Souk is a beautiful place; a web of streets stuffed with the smaller and bigger shops all selling gold in either way or form. There is no Dubai jewellery, which you would not be able to find over here with the sole exception of the non-Dubai brands. There is no exact information on how old exactly is the Gold Souk of Dubai, but it is possibly existing ever since the town has been created. Gold has always been extremely popular for all those who could afford it and for the big celebrations. Also, those who can’t afford or don’t want to own the special pieces which are specifically made for special celebrations, which normally include celebration of a new baby’s coming in the family, the circumcision and the weddings, can also rent these special huge plates, trays and others used for decorations. Moreover, in Dubai as in many Arabic countries, there is a whole segment in the jewellery industry specifically for the wedding jewellery. This is a huge business in Dubai, where weddings still do count a lot more than in the Western cultures.

Dubai has long been world famous for its great quality of gold and great pieces of jewellery and other decorations made of gold. The second most used material in crafts is the copper, out of which all sorts of beautiful accessories and decorations, even kitchenware is done. In addition, good quality copper and gold sold for a reasonable price makes a great pulling-power for tourists as well. There is no sightseeing tour that would not stop at the Deira gold souk. Even the biggest, most luxurious gold manufacturers have a shop over here. Among the most luxurious Dubai brands, we can find DAMAS, Joyalukkas, Samra jewellery shops,

Overall, the Gold Souk is a must-see, must–visit place in Dubai. The Gold souk can be easily found, from Bur Dubai with water taxi and from Deira with Metro, bus or taxi. The Gold Souk is a place where there is no way that you will not buy if only a small gift made out of the best Dubai gold.