Graff Diamonds - Dubai
The name of Graff is identical with some of the most famous jewellers in the world. Graff automatically stands for rarity, beauty, excellence, craftsmanship, and the best quality of diamonds. Graff Diamonds is an international jeweler firm that was founded in the 1960s in London by Laurence Graff. The company has expanded since and now has worldwide operations that include cutting of raw stones, manufacture of jewellery, and retailing. Graff Diamonds which has 26 boutiques throughout the world and specializes in quality diamonds secures rough diamonds from various mines in Canada, Russia, South America, Australia, and South Africa.

Laurence Graff is the head of the South African Diamond Corporation which is a diamond wholesaler and manufacturer. The company is involved in all the stages of diamond production – mining, cutting, and polishing. Graff’s diamond cutting facility in Johannesburg employs a team of over 500 persons who carry on all the jobs with perfection. Graff Diamonds is a fully integrated diamond company which carries out manufacturing operations in Johannesburg, Antwerp, New York, and Botswana and the process includes cutting and polishing of thousands of Graff diamonds every year. These diamonds are then used by the master craftsmen in the manufacture of jewellery. Graff diamonds are sold through a number of outlets all over the world, including Dubai where there a quite a few outlets.

Laurence Graff who was born and brought up in London was an apprentice in the Hatton Garden Jewellery. Very soon, he was making his own jewellery and within a short time he had opened two jewellery shops in London. Pretty soon, he had built up one of the largest jewellery manufacturing business in Britain. He became the first jeweler to be presented the Queen’s Award to Industry and Export. He opened his flagship store in New Bond Street in London and then went on with his store expansion program. Graff is a well known diamond jewellery brand today which has more than 30 stores throughout the world.

The process of transforming a rough stone to a cut and polished diamond takes a considerable time. Each stone is examined thoroughly for flaws before it goes for cutting. No ordinary worker can be involved in the diamond industry – it takes years of training, experience, and expertise before the person gets to be a part of the Graff team.

Take a look at Graff’s collections and see what they have to offer.
* The Lesotho Promise is a 603 carat diamond and it is the 15th largest diamond ever to be discovered.
* The Letseng Legacy is a 493 carat diamond and it is the 18th largest diamond to be discovered.
* The Magnificence is a 243.96 carat diamond and it is the world’s largest D Flawless Emerald cut diamond.
* The Flame is a 100.00 carat exceptional diamond.

Graff’s jewels are absolutely matchless and they are created uniquely from the moment they come to the master craftsman. Graff’s diamond jewellery collections are incredibly attractive and reflect the highest quality of excellence. Graff’s company symbolizes the most fabulous jewels in the world.

A diamond is a symbol of love, affection, wealth, and happiness. Step into any Graff’s jewellery showroom and buy your quota of happiness today. And, if you are looking for happiness in Dubai, kindly go to the Atlantis Hotel at the Palm Jumeirah, or the Dubai Mall Store.