Jewellery Shops at Ibn Battuta Mall
The Ibn Battuta Mall has been named after the great Moroccan traveller, Ibn Battuta who was in real the first person to draw the first realistic map of the world’s continents. Ibn Battuta Mall had been created in order to preserve his name for the future generations, so that they can also learn about it.

Ibn Battuta Mall is a huge mall, also one of the unique shopping complexes in the world that could of course only be created by Dubai. The Ibn Battuta Mall has five separate segments, each one dedicated to a close or far-away culture such as the Persian Court, The Indian Court, The Chinese Court, the Tunisian Court and the Egyptian Court. In each segment, the buildings have such designs and to represent that country’s traditional architecture. Walking in the Ibn Battuta Mall is like a great tour around the world. All segments are those to which Ibn Battuta had travelled. It would be hard to say which one of them looks greater. In addition, the Ibn Battuta Mall hosts the one and only IMAX cinema megaplex, in the whole United Arab Emirates.

The most famous parts are mostly the Indian Court and the Persia court, because of the beauty of their architecture and their authentic design. The Indian court has great sculptures of Indian Elephants and the Chinese Court’s Chinese pavilions are beautiful.

The Ibn Battuta Mall hosts all sorts of shops, great numbers of jewellery shops as well. It is the Persia Court where the jewellery shops of the Ibn Battuta Mall are located. That is why the Persian Court is also called the biggest gem in the crown of Ibn Battuta Mall. The Ibn Battuta Mall is located in the Medina of Dubai, called the Bur Dubai district. This district is a great district full of shops, old streets and restaurants. Besides, it faces Deira, which is the centre of Dubai jewellery, especially the golden ones, housing the fantastic Gold Souk over there. As the Ibn Battuta Mall is located by the sea just next to the Dubai Maritime City, in the neighbourhood of the Maritime water taxi station, called the Abra. Deira souk district is just a few stops from Bur Dubai.

Some of the jewellery shops and watches shops in Ibn Battuta Mall are the Damas Jewellery, being the biggest and among the best Dubai jewellery producers and sellers, the Al Liali Jewellery, Clair’s Accessories, Montblanc Jewellery, and Shalimar Jewellery. Besides, these are only a few mentioned from the dozens of shops, which sell equally great quality jewellery. Gold, white gold or Platinum, you can get the finest selection of jewellery sets in the Ibn Battuta Mall. The best time to visit the jewellery shops in Dubai is in the summer, which is the discount season due to the huge summer festival in Dubai, called Dubai Summer Surprises. Not only does it contain discounts but also great events, concerts and exhibitions and children’s programmes as well.

Once you get to the Ibn Battuta Mall, you will be amazed by its beauty and you will find it exciting getting from one “country” to the other. So, do not hesitate, find some of the best jewellery shops in the Ibn Battuta Mall.