Indian Jewellery Dubai
Before talking about Indian jewellery in Dubai, please not that there are two types of Indian jewellery in Dubai. The main and biggest sort is the Indian Jewellery selling all sorts of international style collections. The second type is the Indian jewellery, which sells traditional Indian jewellery. Dubai is practically full of Indian Jewelleries that practically lead the Dubai jewellery market.

Let us represent you the most prominent names of Indian jewellery market with the enlisting of stores where you can buy traditional Indian jewellery too.

India has always had strong business relations with Dubai and the highest numbers of expats in Dubai are Indians. Therefore, both Indian jewellery and traditional Indian jewellery is sold all over the city in great quantities. The biggest names in Indian Jewellery in Dubai are Joyalukkas Jewellery, Kaloti Jewellery, Dhamani Jewels and Pure Gold Jewellers.

Joyalukkas’ style is closer to the international flavour its collections containing some lightly oriental collections only. Of course, the offer of Joyalukkas is much bigger than it would seem from its website. They have diverse collections made out of the best materials and contain great designs. Joyalukkas Jewellery has been awarded several types to be the best jewellery in Dubai due to its great customer service. Joyalukkas has great deposits in India where they are also market leaders. Kaloti Jewellery is the biggest wholesaler of all sorts of gold, silver and other metals in the Dubai jewellery market. They also have some ordinary jewellery stores too selling great quality Indian jewellery.

Dhamani Jewels is specialised rather in Diamonds. A few years ago, it was Dhamani, which won the tender to be the only one exclusive manufacturer of all Dubai Cut jewellery. Pure Gold is perhaps the most dynamically growing jewellery group in Dubai. With its dozen great quality gold and diamond collections, Pure Gold is among the best Indian jewellery sellers in Dubai city.

Talking about oriental and Indian collections of beautiful jewellery there are several choices to take. First, there are the shops of Atlas Jewellery that offers all sorts of great Arabic and Indian style traditional jewellery. Their jewels are big, sometimes even bigger, containing special necklaces and beautiful earring collections. Here you can buy Indian style gold bangles and Indian bracelets, earrings, great chiselled and richly decorated typical Indian style gold necklaces and pendants. If you are a fan of Indian jewellery then you should start at the Atlas Jewellery. Find the stores of Atlas in the Deira Gold Souk and they have some stores in the Karama district too, which is a traditionally Indian inhabited district of Dubai.

If you want to go further in your exploration of Indian Jewellery, you must visit the great Meena Bazaar where you can meet with the more traditional types of oriental jewellery, containing, ear chains, hair decorations and hair jewellery, huge bangle sets, anklets and many-many more. Here, you can also see some pearls of the beautiful Indian wedding jewellery. Find Meena Bazaar in Bur Dubai, by the Khalid Bin Walid Street and Bank Street.

Indian Jewellery is really worth looking at and looking for in Dubai. India has the richest tradition of gold manufacturing in the world and therefore the Indian jewellery is fantastic in its forms, decorations and quality too. Other than our information there are many more jewellery stores offering beautiful Indian jewellery in Dubai.