Islamic Jewellery Dubai
Although Islam is not about wearing of any sort of jewellery; however, many people cannot resist to beautiful jewellery. In the old days, also emperors have worn jewellery, as well as their wives and children. Therefore, jewellery, an ancient tradition will not be extinct. In addition, jewellery makers have created the sort of Islamic jewellery. Now, in this article we will look at what sort of Islamic jewellery you can buy and where.

Without doubt, the best place to look for Islamic jewellery is the Gold Souk of Dubai. This great area is world famous for its high number of jewelleries and can be found in Deira one older part of Dubai. It is among the highest visited parts of the city by tourists longing for the sight and the purchase of some great quality jewellery. Of course, not all and every jewellery is nice to sell as Islamic jewellery. Anyhow, men cannot wear gold according to the Muslim culture. Many try to maintain this rule by wearing white and pink gold jewellery. Men in the Arabic countries usually wear rings and necklaces. The bracelets are only coming into trend nowadays; young men usually wear them.

The most usual Islamic jewellery to wear is pendant hanged on necklaces. They are good because they are big enough for the jewellery manufacturers to put verses from the Holy Quran on them. They are made out of gold for women and tourists and of silver for Muslim men. The name of Allah is also very popular to be used as a pendant itself. In short and bigger form, they are sold everywhere in the Gold Souk. Sometimes, these pendants are even decorated with coloured gemstones. Popular decorations include "Ayat-ul-Kursi" additionally and the four "Qul". The engraved stones are also very popular containing popular icons as the Hand of Fatima.

Nowadays, Islamic jewellery is also popular containing holograms of popular Islamic motives and writings from the Holy Quran. In addition, the engraved picture of the Holy Kaaba Stone or the name of Allah in a hologram is also very popular motive.

Other Islamic jewellery used is bracelet. The bracelet, thanks to its form is very suitable to have verses from the Holy Quran that look beautiful and by their writing have good effect on its wearer. Tourists in Dubai often buy Islamic jewelry because they look beautiful. Of course, the jeweller tells them also what is written on the bracelet. Thanks to its great fame, Dubai Islamic jewellery can also be found on the internet, by the several jewellery stores in Dubai. The famous Taiba Jewellery is one of these. On its website, you can find all the most beautiful Islamic jewelleries, pendants mainly. You can also buy the famous beads used by Arabic people, mainly men for praying. Beads are made either by an exact type of wood, or by half gemstones.

You will see all those beautiful sorts of Islamic Jewellery in the Gold Souk and in most of the great Dubai jewellery stores while you are staying in Dubai. In case someone would not mention the exact meaning written on your pendant or bracelet you buy, do not hesitate to ask them right away.