Istana Jewellery - Dubai
Istana is one of the multi-branded jewellery retailers of the Middle East that is located in Dubai. Istana, which is a renowned retailer, hosts approximately 15 top brands and constantly keeps expanding its portfolio to keep its customers happy and satisfied. Istana jewellery has one main mission and that is to keep on striving to provide new jewellery collections to its customers and thereby ensure customer happiness and satisfaction. And, needless to say Istana provides the highest levels of service and quality.

Istana manufactures beautifully designed jewellery for its customers who are people of sophistication and refinement. It offers an exhaustive range of ready-to-wear jewellery that is suitable for all occasions – for everyday wear and for special occasions.

Take a look at the excellent brands and the magnificent collection that Istana has to offer you, and you will definitely agree that Istana does its customers proud.
* Adler: Adler offers jewellery of the highest quality and these jewels are worn by suave and sophisticated ladies who are confident of their taste and are sure of what they want. You can say that this jewellery is fit for the kings and queens. You will simply love Adler jewellery which is superbly modern, but absolutely traditional.
* Bayco: Their jewellery is incredibly luxurious and you will just adore each and every piece of jewellery which is intricately designed.
* Bovet: Watches which come from Bovet are absolutely unmatched for quality, beauty, and craftsmanship. Sport a Bovet watch and stand up to be counted.
* Chatila: Chatila manufactures some beautiful and magnificent jewellery. Their craftsmen craft jewellery using some of the most amazing precious stones.
* Meccaniche Veloci: If you have a passion for engines and cars, the Meccaniche Veloci is just the watch for you – it is a sophisticated high-end watch. You will love this watch just as well as you love your car.
* Time Forever has been into luxury watch making since more than 20 years and they have immense experience in crafting beautiful watches. Their watches which display unique style and harmony are divided into He and She collections.
* Vogard: It is the world’s first and only wristwatch that provides time-zone adjustments via the bezel. It has been specially designed for the traveler who would like a watch that doesn’t have just looks alone. The Vogard is truly a luxury and a necessity for the traveler.
* Istana Private Collection: Just take a look at this fantastic collection and you will be simply delighted. Istana offers you an amazing range of ready-to-wear jewellery which is suitable for all occasions – something that you would like to wear at home or something that you would like to show off.

If you would like to wear a simple gold ornament or wear a dazzling diamond, Istana has it all. A lot of time, skill, and workmanship go into crafting each every piece of jewellery that comes out from Istana. You will also love the immense collection of various types of jewellery that they have.

Step into the beautiful and delightful world of Istana and your happiness will know no bounds. Come and revel in the world of Istana.