Jacob & Co. - Dubai
Jacob & Co. is an established watch and jewellery manufacturer who has revolutionized the watch and jewellery industry. The company has been recognized as one of the world’s premier houses for quality, technique, and creativity in the field of watches. If you are a person with a taste for fine watches having excellent craftsmanship, then your choice should be none other than Jacob & Co. And finding a watch from Jacob & Co. shouldn’t be very difficult. You can find them in most of the prominent stores in any country around the world. They are also available in many of the important town and cities of the Middle East, including Dubai.

You will discover that Jacob & Co. is one of the finest manufacturers of watches that has amazing craftsmanship and gives attention to even small details. The company’s expertise led it to create the legendary Quenttin that is a revolutionary watch which has captured everyone’s imagination. The watch is part of the Epic collection. Do you know that this watch contains a 31 day power reserve? Epic I and Epic II were later created with more innovations and sophistications. Take a look at their wonderful collection of watches and you will surely be stunned by the huge collection of watches which can be found in various designs and styles. Some of the prominent watches are those which show times of all the 5 times zones, the Epic collection, and the Automatic Chronograph.

Jacob & Co. also specializes in jewellery creations that are so beautiful and unique that it is very difficult to describe their beauty. Well, you do not have to describe their beauty – the beauty, the design, and the style of the product speak for themselves. At Jacob & Co. they employ fine jewellery-making techniques that give birth to wonderful masterpieces. Though they use modern styles and designs, some of the techniques employed by them are old world techniques, such as the one employed for gem cutting and polishing.

Jacob & Co. uses pure and perfect gemstones which it acquires from many places throughout the world to create those masterpieces. The company makes it’s a point to cut their diamonds first to enhance and maximize their beauty. Excellence of quality is their main motto, and they ensure that quality standards are not compromised at any stage. Only the best of diamonds are selected – those that adhere to the 4Cs – Cut, Color, clarity, and Carat Weight. Jacob & Co. believes in a 5th C – creation of a unique piece. They try to make each creation a unique masterpiece. And, needless to say, all Jacob & Co. diamonds are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity and Origin that is issued by the Gemological Institute of America which gives details of the ratings.

Jacob & Co. have very fine jewellery collections with intricate, excellent, and unique designs that are inspired by rare cut stones and bold, colorful designs. The company has earned a name for itself as a designer of sophisticated jewellery and timepieces in the entertainment and social worlds. Jacob & Co. has made inroads in the custom jewellery portfolio with its innovative and stunning designs and many of the people are fascinated by these designs. You must definitely see the huge and stunning range of jewellery for men and women that they have here.

If you are looking for quality jewellery and watches, step into Jacob & Co. When you are in Dubai, you can step into the Jacob & Co. outlets at the Burjuman Center, Mall of the emirates, Dubai International Financial Centre, Dubai Festival City, the Burj Al Arab, and the Dubai Mall.