Dubai Jewellery Sets
Jewellery set always comes handy for women. Women do love sets, a necklace with a passing pair of earrings make the appearance wholly elegant and sophisticated. Normal jewellery sets usually contain a necklace with a pair of earrings; bigger sets give choice to choose from a passing bracelet and a passing ring as well.

Dubai is world famous for its fine jewellery everywhere in the world. Dubai, the City of Gold has always been the base of gold and pearl trading in the Middle East. Every since Dubai is dealing with gold, it is taking steps in order to bring back the old value of its traditions of jewellery trading in the Middle Eastern zone.

Dubai is dealing with first class gold, we all know or might have heard about that. Now, Dubai is making even harder efforts in order to establish its name as the world’s Nr. 1 diamond and gemstone trader as well. The Dubai Jewellery Week, the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park, which was set up not long ago, are all targeting the international jewellery and gemstone trading companies to set up their business with Dubai. In return, Dubai offers tax-free operation in its area and nice share of the business.

Dubai has many huge jewellery brands, which are known all around the world. Therefore, now it is time for us too, to get closer and know more about them and their offers considering jewellery sets in Dubai:

Diamond jewellery sets
The most beautiful diamond jewellery sets are offered by Samra Jewellery, which owns and operates altogether four brands, the Aria, the Paula, the Splendore and ultimately the Samra sets. Here you can have the choice to choose out of the most beautiful diamond collections in Dubai and in the world. Of course, the first class Damas Jewellery also offers very beautiful diamond sets as well especially in its Damas Exclusives stores.

Pearl jewellery sets
You can find the most beautiful pearl jewellery sets at the Indian originated Joyalukkas Jewellery, which offer fantastic pearl sets, and the Damas Jewellery, which has its pearl jewellery sets made out of the great quality South Sea Pearls, and has breathtaking collections.

Golden jewellery sets
Among so many jewellery stores, you can find the best gold at Taiba jewellery that offers beautiful golden sets, either out of yellow gold or out of mixing yellow with white gold as well.

Silver jewellery sets
Some gemstones pass even more beautifully with silver, so use your chance while in Dubai; check out the collections of Tanyaz and Loupe Jewelleries, the local silver experts.

Wedding jewellery sets
The Wedding sets are the most beautiful at Joyalukkas and Samra Jewelleries, each one offering wonderful wedding jewellery sets for its customers. For weddings, the diamond is the most popular stone.

Jewellery sets made out of precious coloured gemstones
You can get the most beautiful colourful jewellery collections at either Damas or Joyalukkas Jewelleries. The Damas Jewellery offers around two dozens of different local and international brands in order to make its palette a lot more colourful this way and it is really worth. For more jewellery sets with coloured gemstones, check out also Farah Jewellery.

Finally, let us hope you find the jewellery sets in your dreams in Dubai. Most jewellery sets of the upper mentioned stores can be seen also online on their websites, just in case you would not be able to get to Dubai as quickly as you would like to.