Dubai Jewellery at Jumeirah Emirates Towers
Everyone who had once been to Dubai very well knows Jumeirah Emirates Towers. The Jumeirah Emirates Towers is a part of the twin tower complex called the Emirates Towers, a part of which is the Jumeirah Hotel, owned by the luxury hotel company, the Jumeirah Group.

Jumeirah Emirates Towers is mainly a luxury hotel, having huge suites and apartments, being equipped with all business and leisure possibilities, such as a huge fitness centre and a beautiful spa inside, not to mention the many restaurants and bars in its area. Now, we will talk about its part, which is a shopping centre, selling jewellery as well.

Jumeirah Emirates Towers represent the highest style luxury within the downtown of Dubai. The quality is guaranteed by the Jumeirah hotel chain, which is already well known all around the world for its high profile hotels or entertainment centres. The Jumeirah Emirates tower is in fact a skyscraper connected directly with its twin skyscraper, which is a business centre and includes the big shopping centre, called The Jumeirah Emirates Towers Boulevard. The Boulevard has dozens of brand stores, so if you would like to buy fine Dubai jewellery or watches, you will have a difficult time when it comes to choosing which jewellery shop or watches shop to visit first.

The Boulevard has not been planned for low profile or low–budget travellers. Although in the summer, there are several discount periods, such as the Dubai Summer Surprises Program, containing discounts all over Dubai City. Naturally, there is no better time to buy any jewellery in Dubai but of course, not everyone can be so lucky to arrive in Dubai during this period.

The most known jewellery brands in Dubai are the Al Futtaim Jewellery, the Damas Jewellery, the Ahmed Seddiqi and Sons and out of these brands the two latter one have their brand stores in Dubai, not mentioning the international brands, such as the Chopard, the Boucheron and the Cartier. Apart from these worldwide known brands, there are so many more beautiful jewellery shops in the Jumeirah Emirates Tower’s Boulevard. Of course Dubai, which is also known as the Golden City, is world famous for its gold business and crafting, so no wonder that most tourists are more than willing to buy themselves one of more souvenirs while they stay in this metropolis. The Boulevard has its ongoing discount programs and it sells gift certificates with great success.

Dubai is full of great places when it comes to gold and jewellery. Of course, the best ever jewellery-finding place is the huge Gold Souk of Deira district in the old town part of Dubai. If you are on a jewellery hunt and you have plenty of time to dedicate for this mission, then you can find simply all Dubai jewellery stores over there until your eyes can see. So, do not hesitate to visit the best shopping malls of Dubai, such as the Jumeirah Emirates Towers Boulevard, so that you can be able to explore even more jewellery places around Dubai.