Kaloti Jewellery - Dubai
Kaloti Jewellery is one of the well known and renowned jewellers in Dubai, part of Kaloti Jewellery Group that has interests in various fields throughout the world and you could say that they have the proverbial finger in every pie. Kaloti jewellery caters to people of different countries and regions and people who have vastly different cultural preferences. It manufactures 18k jewellery that is quite popular in Europe as well as 21 and 22k jewellery that is quite popular in most of the Asian countries. Kaloti manufactures jewellery that is of extremely high standards and quality with fine workmanship. The Group has been awarded ISO 9001:2000 certification for the manufacture of quality gold products. Kaloti also manufactures some of the finest Dubai jewellery which is extremely popular.

Kaloti jewellery was established in the United Arab Emirates in 1988 with Dubai, which is known as the gold hub of the world, as its headquarters. Choosing Dubai as it headquarters has had a tremendous impact on its business. Kaloti jewellery has its own modern factory in the UAE and the factory uses the latest Swiss, Italian, and German technology. The factory uses precision machinery which creates jewellery with a choice of 18, 21, and 22 carats. Kaloti manufactures jewellery that is suitable both for the international market and the domestic market of the Middle East. The jewellery which is made here is much in demand in Dubai and surrounding regions.

The Kaloti Group has interests in a number of ventures such as trading and brokerage, mines financing, bullion trading, refining, assaying, and logistics, apart from wholesale business in jewellery. Kaloti also undertakes gold refining and gold bar manufacture at its gold factory at Sharjah. Dubai is famous as the business and trading hub for precious metals, and it therefore attracts a lot of customers who come from all over the world.

Trading & Brokerage: The Kaloti Group provides a number of trading and brokerage related services for the gold industry.

Mines Financing: Kaloti Jewellery Group provides clients, mines, and gold producers with a total solution for the production of gold through all stages of production of various types of gold.

Refining: Kaloti Jewellery Group has received ISO 9001:2000 certification for the manufacturing of gold jewellery and for assaying of gold and silver.

Assaying: The group has been providing assaying services for quite some time. It is one of the first gold and silver assaying laboratories in the UAE to be approved by the municipalities of Dubai and Sharjah. Their gold and silver laboratories are reputed to be the largest independent gold and silver assayers in the region.

Logistics: The Kaloti Group finances mine production and takes care of insurance, transportation and delivery right from the raw material stage to the finished goods stage. The Group transports the finished goods through its own armed security vehicles and through arrangements with some of the renowned transport companies in the world.