Koraba Jewellery - Dubai
Koraba Jewellery is one of the prominent jewelers of Dubai that first made its appearance in the year 2006. Koraba was created as a result of partnership between French jewelry designers and Polish manufacturers specializing in luxury amber. Koraba presents jewelry that is specially and specifically designed to present you the beauty and magnificence of natural amber. The beauty of natural amber is sure to fascinate you, and it is something that you are not likely to forget. It has long been believed that amber jewelry has medicinal properties as well as a number of health benefits. Amber jewelry is used to rid yourselves of common ailments from which you have been suffering from a long time. For best results, ensure that the amber is in constant touch with your body.

Koraba Jewellery offers jewelry in a unique style and quality which is made of exclusive Baltic amber that has been enriched with the best quality 18k gold, rhodium silver, or silver 925. You will be fascinated and enthralled by their collection which has been created by their expert and talented designers. These designers combine beauty, sophistication, and elegance with their expertise and talent to create some really wonderful and intricate jewelry.

The best, richest, and the largest amber stones are found in the areas of the Baltic Sea region. Amber from the Baltic Sea region contains the highest level of succinic acid – this level determines the quality of amber. The higher the quantity of succinic acid, the better would be the quality of amber. Koraba amber jewelry is mostly crafted from German and Polish amber. Amber is found in a variety of colors and the colors of Koraba amber range from light honey to yellow, cognac, cherry, white, and opaque green. Amber is warm to touch and transmits a very relaxing smell when you wear it on your hand. Though it sinks in fresh water, it floats in salt water. When amber is burnt it gives out an aromatic smoke that is similar to the smoke that emanates during church ceremonies.

Koraba ensures that it uses the finest quality of amber stones for making jewelry and the amber used is specially pre-selected to ensure its special health qualities. Amber jewelry is believed to have special curative properties. Baltic amber is a natural antibiotic and we hear from mythological legends that it is an elixir which contains healing properties for cuts and wounds as well as curative properties for any part of the body.

It is also said that amber helps you become decisive and it strengthens your memory and intellect. All your emotions are controlled and you become calm and composed. Amber radiates a warm and bright energy and all negative energy is turned to positive energy. Amber has the power to draw out the disease from the affected areas of the body and sets the process of healing.

They say that amber has the qualities of keeping love and fidelity and bring happiness. We have seen the tremendous health benefits you can gain by wearing amber jewelry. The numerous health benefits that you gain by wearing amber jewelry is a strong reason for you to go in for Koraba amber jewelry today.