Laurentia Jewellery Dubai
Italian taste for jewellery is simply great and it is highly anticipated by everyone else too, who are up to buying jewellery in Dubai. Therefore, Laurentia Jewellery is also one of the popular jewellery brands of Italy. The jewels of Laurentia Jewellery are exclusively sold in the Exclusive stores of Damas Jewellery, which is among the top jewellery suppliers in Dubai, both in national and in international jewellery.

Dubai is gaining high popularity as the biggest international seller of all jewellery. In real, the demand for luxury jewellery is the highest in Dubai, due to the local’s needs and to the huge masses of tourists who are walking on the streets of its famous Gold Souk, the Golden Market, looking for extra beautiful pieces to buy. We can say that the jewellery industry of Dubai gives a great support for the tourism and versa. In the Gold Souk, in Deira Dubai you will find all the best stores and the best collections, all together, sometimes even next to each other. That is why the Gold Souk is among the highest frequented places all over Dubai. Dubai people have always been needy when it came to jewellery. Women love the big sets, all the collections that pass with their beautiful kaftans. The finest pieces of jewellery are of course used for special occasions. In the meantime, we can also add, that jewellery also counts as a good investment in Dubai, where people like to have their money in jewels.

Laurentia Jewellery is putting especially high emphasis on its quality unique designs, which are becoming worldwide known, as the company gained international attention a few years ago. Now, Laurentia has shops all over the world or it is distributed through various firms, such as the Damas Jewellery in Dubai. The Damas Jewellery is today the most commonly recognised brand in Dubai. Damas is partly very famous for its own beautifully created art pieces of jewellery and in other ways, as a distributor of several national and international brands, such as the Laurentia Jewellery.

This Italian jewellery brand started out in the late Eighties under the name Forsel first. Then the name had been changed due to a total change in management and in its concepts. The brand has gained popularity afterwards, thanks to the great campaigns and of course to its beautiful designs.

Laurentia Jewellery currently sells three collections through Damas Jewellery:
• The Joy Collection is a lighter collection of colourful jewellery, made out of pearls mainly, they represent the yellow shades of gold
• The Mirage Collection: This is a silvery collection where parts are created to look like small water drops
• The Moon Collection: Is a colourful collection of fine jewellery, using coloured gemstones for decoration.

The jewellery collections of Laurentia are all very feminine, but representing a more modern approach to jewellery design. If you are open to new, you will surely love Laurentia Jewellery. All their jewels are very delicate. If you prefer the bigger or thicker size, then you can choose out of the other 15 diverse brands that Damas Dubai has on offer. Dubai has always been a paradise for the jewellery fans, and after having been experienced so much beautiful in its art of making and distributing the finest jewellery, it seems that Dubai is soon to step in real on the first place as a jewellery manufacturer and retailer at the same time.