Levant Jewellery - Dubai
Levant is a name that reminds you of some the best jewellery and watches in the world – classics and masterpieces. Levant reflects the elegance and status that it enjoys in the world of watches and jewellery. Sophisticated and suave men and women who do care about their lifestyle opt only for one name that symbolizes and personifies fashion – Levant Jewellery and Levant Watches. The mission and vision of Levin jewellery is very clear and simple – “Leading people to the world of luxury”.

Levant which is based in Dubai has emerged as one of the top quality jewellery boutiques. Why is it that so many people turn to Levant? The reason is very plain and very clear – Levant Jewellery or watches exude elegance and prestige. Levant fetches the finest jewellery and watches from the most respected and trusted suppliers in the United States and Europe and brings it within your hand’s reach. Levant also brings you the finest collection of designer clothes, apparels, footwear, and other fashion basics and accessories. Levant which portrays elegance brings in an aura of sophistication to its clients and customers.

Levant is the brain child of Arif Ben Khadra who wanted Levant Jewellery to be one of the top jewelers in the United Arab Emirates. And, he has succeeded in his attempt, for Levant ranks among the leading jewelers in UAE. Any product from Levant, be it jewellery or apparel, passes through a rigorous quality check and it is selected only if it passes the quality check. Some of the finest artists and craftsmen of the world are used by Levant in their jewellery industry. Levant guarantees that every piece of jewellery that it manufactures is of the highest purity and meets the International Standards.

Levant Jewellery markets some of the finest brands of the world at its boutique in Dubai. Some of the world-famous brands which you can find at Levant are: Leview, Scavia, Palmiero, Gavello, Schoeffel, Stenzhorn, Hellmuth, Lady Heart Collection, Jacob & Co., Ulysse Nardin, and Ramon.

Another division that Levant deals in is Levant Couture which offers amazing designer clothes, fantastic apparels, tantalizing footwear, and other fashion basics and accessories for the fashion conscious people. The factor that is responsible for the success of Levant Couture is the use of experienced and skilled staff. Product knowledge is extremely essential to help the customer make the right choice and thus make a sale. You will also find a wonderful range of materials and designs at Levant’s. Some of the brands which are marketed by Levant Couture are Smalto, Santoni, Cortigiani, Tincati, Herringbone, Scavia, Schiatti, Pin-Up, and Rebecca.

The Levant Group has been making unstinted efforts for improvement and development in all parameters. Levant has built up a reputation for quality and innovation and Arif Ben Khadra says that the company will ensure that it maintains that reputation. When you can ensure customer satisfaction, you can be sure that your customers will keep coming back again and again.

Step into any Levant showroom and find out for yourself what makes Levant so great.