Loose Diamonds Dubai
Dubai is getting more and more fame for its fine diamond trading and naturally of their fine quality jewellery. In the last few years, Dubai is imposing pressure on its business in order to strengthen its diamond trading contacts. In this article, we would like to talk about the loose diamond trading and choices in Dubai. Loose Diamonds are not different from so-called ordinary diamonds but of course, they are very different from the Desert Diamonds that are arriving in Dubai from Saudi Arabia and although they look like diamond, their own value is not even the half of the market value of diamonds.

So, let us look into the Dubai world of diamond trading first:
Dubai had created a special commission or organization called the DMCC or Dubai Multi Commodities Centre, a kind of Dubai’s own freemason company that accepts only few members. DMCC had been found by the Sheikh of Dubai with the aim to establish the most suitable business environment in every possible way in order to maintain the higher number of Diamond connected businesses to be born. The DMCC is destined to act partly as a main authority and partly as a concierge service in the world of diamond trading.

Its system works like this:
• Establishment of Trade community
• Organizing and taking part in tenders and auctions related to diamonds
• Taking over the tasks of diamond trading regulations
• Vaulting and Infrastructure: Brought by the company’s own complex let by the huge ALMAS Tower which is to act as headquarters of DMCC, together with other Diamond focused businesses?
• Dubai Diamond Exchange as a subsidiary of DMCC acting as the official representative of Diamond market control in Dubai. Today the DMCC is moving along organizing the diamond market of Dubai in every way. Of course, for Dubai these years, it has become extremely important to get only the best quality diamonds, out of which luxury jewellery is manufactured and sold in one of the best jewellery stores in Dubai. So, what exactly does the term loose means in this context?

A loose diamond from the business point of view is such a diamond that comes with an official certificate, issued in order to state the diamonds origin and which states that the diamond or diamonds are real, no sorts of fakes. The biggest organizations issuing such certificates are:
• Gemological Institute of America (GIA)
• The International Gemological Institute (IGI)
• European Gemological Laboratory (EGL)
• American Gemological Society (AGS)
• South African Diamond High Council of Hoge Raad Voor Diamant (HRD)

By this time only certificated issued by these organizations are treated as real and valued papers. If you are to get a paper certificate issued by any other, possibly non-existent, organizations, report the case as soon as you can at the nearest police station. Although these cases are highly unconventional, given the fact that for Dubai quality business is the most important. A certificate of such must also include all possible details of the diamond or diamonds you buy.

The best and most trusted stores and companies to sell loose diamonds in Dubai are the Damas, the Samra , the Taiba Jewelleries, also the Joyalukkas and as an online store the Blue Nile, in fact among the very few which mentions the certificates it gives together with its diamond jewelleries. Dubai Diamonds is also a popular store where they guarantee your loose diamonds. Remember before buying any sort of diamond jewellery, check out if they are loose diamonds wit all the certificates given to you.