Jewellery Shops at Mall of the Emirates
If there is a question on which shopping centre is the best in Dubai, then the Mall of the Emirates would be for sure among the first three. The former biggest shopping mall of Dubai is still one of the most exclusive places to buy just anything. In addition, the Mall of the Emirates delivers you many programs all through the summer time in Dubai.

If you were in Dubai now, then for sure you would need to visit the Mall of the Emirates, if you did not do so before. Now, there is the big program called Dubai Summer Surprises all around town, which means great shows and great prices! During the Dubai Summer Surprises, you can get Dubai jewellery a lot cheaper than their ordinary prices! The rates can be even 20-30% cheaper. So, do not hesitate to go to the many watches shops and jewellery shops within the Mall of the Emirates. There are so many of them that for sure, you will spend that day of yours entirely in the Mall of the Emirates.

However, the Mall of the Emirates is not all jewellery and watches. There are hundreds of different shops over here, together with some great restaurants and the chance to peep into the huge and worldwide unique attraction of the Mall of the Emirates. The Ski Dubai is an unbelievable ski paradise in the Dubai Desert, where you can get close to the snow. No wonder, Ski Dubai is a much-frequented site receiving hundreds of visitors all year long.

Getting back to jewellery shops, here in the Mall of the Emirates, you can find the very best and most known Dubai, Indian and international jewellery manufacturers, not to mention the brand stores of high quality designer jewellery and accessories. The Mall of the Emirates is quite rich in gold, being among the main business profiles in Dubai, for sure there will be no other place better in the Middle East or maybe around the world for you to buy such great quality jewellery than over here, in Dubai, and more specifically, in the Mall of the Emirates.

Here, in the Mall of the Emirates, there are about 50 different brands of watches and jewellery shops, among them the greatest Dubai jewellers’ names, like the Damas and the Al Futtaim. For the lovers of the international brands, there is the Tiffany and Co, the Frey Wille, Guess Watches, Bvlgari and we could go on. For sure, there not many better places in Dubai to find the best quality jewellery, than over here. The Mall of the Emirates has many ongoing sales during the year, but it is definitely the summer time when it is the best to buy all sorts of jewellery in here.

So, do not hesitate and visit the Mall of the Emirates still today, to gain more information on its great stores and discounts. The Mall of the Emirates is very easy to find, there are shuttle services going there too, for more information, ask at your hotel.