Dubai Men's Jewellery
Although men’s jewellery is not as much in the limelight as women’s jewellery, indeed men’s jewellery and accessories is a growing industry giving various choices also for men in order to use their jewellery manlike as a statement of wealth and contentment.

Of course, the variety of jewellery to wear for men is a bit more limited than for women. However, there are some sorts of jewellery specially designed for men to wear and in the Arabic countries; men do like to wear jewellery too. Out of Muslim reasons though, the Muslim men are not allowed to wear any sorts of yellow gold, so they make it up with either white or pink gold or simply with silver jewellery. However, many Arabic people, who are less religious still, choose to wear gold jewellery, not to mention the high number of Indians and Pakistanis who do not have any religious restrictions on wearing golden men’s jewellery. So, let us see which sorts of men’s jewellery that is available in Dubai:

You can find the best male necklace collections in the Gold Souk of Dubai or in the international jewellery stores, such as Cartier, Bvlgari, Raymond Weil... Go for the French and the Italian brands. They will for sure not let you down.

You may find great men’s ring collections at the stores of Damas and Taiba among many others. Men in the Arabic countries prefer the big and stylish yet manly rings just as the so-called "stamping" rings. Of course, when talking about wedding male rings, you may get them in every single jewellery shops all around Dubai.

Damas Jewellery offers more than 20 different exclusive brands of watches. A part of these, such as Parmigiani and Perelet watches are only sold in the Damas Exclusive Stores, while in the other Damas stores, you can still choose out of various luxury watches collections such as Paco Rabanne or Visetti watches. Not mentioning all the international exclusive watches shops, you can find in each big shopping malls of Dubai. Damas is the most exclusive brand of Dubai.

Damas Jewellery has beautifully exclusive collections of fashionable men’s bracelets, made out of white and pink gold.

The perfect men’s accessories are without question the belts and the male bags. The qualities of these are very important. That is why all the high-class brand stores sell men’s belts. Buy some belts from Chanel, Missoni, Fendi, Dior, Gucci, Prada and you will see they make a difference. The best place to shop these high quality belts is the Dubai Outlet Mall, where you can get them for half the price. The same goes for the handbags too.

If you are looking for buying some quality men’s jewellery, you must visit the Dubai Mall, which is full of great brands and designer stores selling the best quality men’s jewellery and accessories. For men’s jewellery choose the Italian brands, they are by far the most stylish for any men. Also think about refreshing your wardrobe in order to suit your new stylish look!