Pasquale Bruni Jewellery Dubai
Pasquale Bruni is a worldwide known brand for its style and great quality metals and gems used. Both Italian and American celebrities, as well as ordinary people, already commonly wear the Pasquale Bruni jewels. Their fine jewellery has beautiful, unique designs, concentrating on the youth as much as on the elderly jewel lovers all around the world.

We all know that Italians, just as French have an exceptional sense of style and in setting the next great trends for us all to wear this or that way. No wonder that the Italian jewellery is world famous, containing all the Italian, Mediterranean passion which they also reflect on their wearers. The Italian jewellery is something of a kind. However, interestingly Italian women do not tend to wear much jewellery at all. Their rule is to wear only one jewel but that one with the greatest style, to make it a statement. Dubai women though like the rule of the numbers better. They like to wear lots of jewellery, together with the Russians, who are among the biggest buyers of top luxury jewellery in the world. Although Dubai is focusing on the selling of preferably female jewellery, the choice in male jewellery is also getting bigger as time goes by.

Pasquale Bruni jewellery is exclusively sold in the Damas Les Exclusives stores in Dubai. Damas Jewellery, being the Nr.1 Dubai jewellery brand and retailer offers the biggest variety of both Dubai and international top jewellery brands, such as Pasquale Bruni, Roberto Coin, Cavalli and many others, all having their distinctive design representing all the beauty jewellery can offer in all forms, shapes and sizes.

Pasquale Bruni uses the following segmentation for its collections:
- New Collection: Currently including eight different collections all motivated by the Romantic Ages and by the free era of the Seventies.
- Gold and Pavé: Includes the top haute couture masterpieces of the jewellery brand offering 6 different collections
- Technique and movement: Here, you can find the most fantasy filled art pieces of jewellery designed by Pasquale Bruni - Color: Offering the collections made out of coloured gemstones often inspired by famous personalities just as Sissi the famous Habsburg Queen or Marilyn, also offering romantic designs in Bon Ton and Romantic styles.
- Pasquale Bruni Atelier: Here you can fine some of the masterpieces of design and the pure size of the gemstone used. These are the most expensive items.
- Amore: This is a single large collection specifically designed for the young generations, containing hip and fun designs
- I Classici: Contains the classic sets of the House with around 10 steady collections.

If you see through all these wonders of jewellery, you will understand why Pasquale Bruni is so famous among the other top jewellery brands. Its designs are beautiful and perfect in their different ways. All the jewels are made with using lots of fantasy and as you can see, the variety is huge!

You can find or if you cannot, you can order any of there jewels of Pasquale Bruni in Dubai, from the Damas Jewellery. Dubai is world famous for its unfinished love for fine jewellery, and the high success of all the items made by Pasquale Bruni can be thanked to the largest demand in the world for all its beautiful jewellery.