Patek Philippe - Dubai
Patek Philippe is a privately owned watch and jewellery company founded in 1839. It was founded by two Polish immigrants Antoni Patek along with a watchmaker Franciszek Czapek who joined hands together to form the company Patek, Czapek & Cie. Later, many changes took place and the company became Patek Philippe.

Patek Philippe is a watch manufacturer in the true sense of the world as the company controls all stages of watch production – from the start to the end. This production method has quite a few important benefits, one of them being the experience and technical know-how from the master watch makers is passed on from generation to generation.

Have a look at some of the wonderful collection of watches at any of the Patek Philippe’s showroom.
Men’s Collections: • Calatrava Reference 6000: This is indeed a beautiful watch and is sure to win your heart. The analog date hand and the unique dial is something that reminds you of vintage racing car dashboard instruments. • Golden Ellipse: The Golden Ellipse comes in a large format and a platinum case. The beauty and elegance of the watch has to be seen to be believed. • Men’s Gondolo Collection: This new model has a beautifully cambered tonneau case in white or yellow gold. • Men’s Grand Complications: The Celestial is a magnificent timepiece with an analog date. It has a bezel set with 38 baguette diamonds. • Men’s Exceptional Watches: Look at the Star Caliber 2000 G in white gold. Would you believe that this enchanting and delightful pocket watch is the result of 80 years of painstaking work?

Ladies’ Collections: • Ladies’ Calatrava: This amazingly beautiful timepiece is available in a new white gold version with an analog date. Its bezel is set with 38 baguette diamonds. • Ladies’ Aquanaut: The Aquanaut Luce is a watch meant for casual wear. The newer model has a steel bracelet which goes well for any occasion. • Ladies Nautilus: The Ladies Nautilus is an elegant watch that goes well for even casual wear. The watch has a matching ring and earrings to go along with it. • Ladies’ Grand Complications: Take a look at this incredible watch. It is a Grand Complication in a rose gold case and a cream-colored dial that is exclusively meant for ladies. • Ladies’ Complicated Watches: This is Patek Philippe’s famous World Time watch that simultaneously shows the time in all the 24 zones. This white gold version with a diamond-studded bezel gives the right feminine touch.

Pocket Watches: You would be attracted to the Men’s Lepine Pocket watches - a few of them complicated and a few of them simple - to keep up the tradition of fine Geneva watches which ruled the roost for more than 400 years.

Jewellery: Patek Philippe also offers you an exciting range of jewellery for ladies and gents. This beautiful and fantastic range of jewellery complements the Patek Philippe watches on your hands.

When you ask for a Patek Philippe product, you are asking for confidence. After all, it is a name that you can trust. Patek Philippe products are available at the Mall of the Emirates, Dubai Mall, and the Burjuman Centre in Dubai.