Dubai Pearl Jewellery
Dubai is also called the Pearl of the Persian Gulf and there is indeed a very good reason on why it is called like that. Dubai, a long time ago, belonged to the league of top pearl sellers all around the world. The pearl jewellery made in Dubai has been an overly expensive and unique sort of jewellery, considering the very high quality of pearls in Dubai at that time.

The Jumeirah people once lived in the territory of Dubai, out of whom the local patriots of Dubai come from, has once been a fishing nation. This lasted until the first time, that someone found great quality pearls at the bottom of the Persian Gulf, right by the shores of Dubai. This surprise was a real joy for people who already knew about the value of pearls in the region. Dubai quickly became a true merchandising nation, taking pearls and pearl jewellery everywhere around the world. The Dubai pearl jewellery is still unique jewellery, costing a fortune. Then, with the coming of the World War I and II reaching the Gulf region as well, the water of the Persian Gulf became polluted, not being able to produce pearl for Dubai anymore. This was a great shock for this nation, who would have stayed extensively poor if the other gift of God, the oil did not reveal along with the huge spares. Dubai, then concentrated on its oil business for a while. Now, as Dubai has grown very strong, it does want to put back the emphasis on the pearl and jewellery trading in its area. For these reasons, Dubai has established several companies and organizations, in order to bring back the limelight on its high quality fashion and pearl jewellery trading.

The Dubai Pearl Museum, which can be found in the Dubai Exhibition centre, is a huge success, featuring such pearl wonders as the Tahiti Black Pearl or the Australian Pinkie Pearl along with others. The Dubai Jewellery Week held yearly has also been made in order to bring back the fame of pearl jewellery and pearl trading along with the ever-rich gold and gemstone trading in the region.

Pearl jewellery is sold by almost all the big names in Dubai, the Damas or the Joyalukkas. They all have great pearl jewellery collections. The pearl collection of Damas features such wonders as the Black & White South Sea Pearl and the Mikimoto Pearl. The Joyalukkas brand offers beautiful first class pearl jewellery made out of Masaaki pearl. The Liali Jewellery, also to be found in the Gold Souk of Dubai, sells pearl jewelleries made with premium quality pearls such as Petite, Sakura & Kimono brand of Pearls.

In the country of pearls, it is not hard to find the finest pearl jewellery in the world. The beautiful collections will surely make you amazed! You will see not only traditional but also much great new pearl jewellery made to look stylish and modern at the same time.