Piaget - Dubai
Piaget is one of the reputed watch companies in the world that is committed to excellence, quality, and customer satisfaction. It is one of the founder members of the Council for Responsible Jewelry Practices which is a non-profit organization that brings together, on a single platform, a number of companies with the sole aim of promoting responsible ethical, social, and environmental practices in the gold and diamond jewelry sector.

In the beginning, Piaget started off as a manufacturer of movements and a supplier to various watch-making firms. It was only much later that Piaget started making its own watches and came to be recognized as one of the prominent watchmakers in the industry. At their workshop at La Cote-aux-Fees in Geneva, watchmakers and jewelers work with zeal and enthusiasm to create magic. Piaget launched its jewelry watches and later came out with its jewelry collections. Piaget’s commitment to excellence has been the reason for its immense success and development. As Piaget maintains total design freedom, it is able to control the entire production process from the manufacture of the smallest parts to the completion of the final product. Piaget is always on the search for excellence and this search has resulted in the company becoming one of the finest watch manufacturing companies in the world. It has thus reached the zenith of the watch manufacturing tradition and the art of horology.

At Piaget, they have the art of dressing a watch which involves paying minute attention to even the slightest detail. Paying attention to even the smallest of things brought results which could be seen when the sales went soaring and customers came back again and again.

From the start, Piaget has chosen only the world’s most prestigious and reputed watch making and jewelry sales outlets to ensure building a strong partnership that could be based on mutual trust, respect, and recognition. The company has been able to successfully develop a very good distribution network that involved the finest of the watch making and jewelry segments. You will find that Piaget products are available throughout the world including Dubai.

Piaget started its pursuit of creation of the ever-slim watch movements. After a lot of effort it could succeed in creating a hand-wound mechanical movement of only 1.35 mm. It was so thin that it could be housed within a 10 dollar gold coin. The slimness of its movements helped Piaget to become a pioneer in the area of watches fitted with gemstones. When Haute-Joaillerie watches were released, it earned for Piaget the title of ‘the jeweler of watch making’.

Why don’t you take a look at the collections? You will observe that their collections have been divided into the following categories: • Extra thin watches • Watches with complications • Jewelry watches • Watches with gold bracelets • Watches with tourbillion movement • Enamel watches • Watches with chronograph movement • Watches with two time zones • Watches with interchangeable wristlets

Take a look at the Piaget Polo FortyFive chronograph watch in a steel and titanium case. It is a limited edition watch and its sheer beauty will take your breath away. Look at the sheer magnetism of the Piaget Emperador Tourbillon Skeleton watch which is cased in 18k white gold and is said to be the world’s thinnest tourbillion watch.

Piaget watches are available at the Wafi Mall and the Dubai Mall in Dubai.