Pink Gold Jewellery Dubai
Pink gold is quite popular in Dubai. Most of us might only know about yellow and white gold and these are the ones mostly used by jewellers. However, there is blue, purple, red and even black gold, which are all used by jewellery by mixing gold with other metals or chemicals. In Dubai, you can see them all. Pink gold mixed with white gold in jewelleries is getting more and more popular in Dubai, even for men’s jewellery.

The main reason we can get to see most of yellow and white gold lies in the ancient society beliefs. What‘s the use of drinking alcohol with no alcoholic content and what’s the use of wearing gold which doesn’t seem gold but some cheap coloured material instead? Mostly people who wear gold want their environment seeing it. By seeing something black or purple, others will not automatically assume it is also gold but would think of something else. Besides, the yellow and white gold has a great natural shine. Pink too, but the darker shades have different and lower shine because of their colour.

So, let us see how do jewellers in Dubai create pink gold or as they call in the business: Rose Gold. In most cases we can get pink gold by the usage of 76% gold, 18% copper and 6% aluminium gives a pink shade. If these proportions are slightly changed again, even a redder colour can be gained. Interesting fact is that pink gold is also known as Russian Gold as the Russians were the first who frequently used red or pink gold for jewelleries. The difference in colours is mostly up to the copper content. It is like mixing colours when you are painting. You will automatically know the rates after a while to get the shade you would like to. Out of 50% copper and 50% gold, the red gold is gained. Moreover, if further zinc is being mixed in, that changes its colour toward the darker shade of yellow. Sometimes pink gold was gained also accidentally when the procedures were not that clean in making metals as of today.

Pink gold is getting back its fame for jewellery together with the other coloured forms of gold. Recently the famous Damas Jewellery, which is often counted as the most famous and biggest jewellery of Dubai, released men’s bracelets made out of the use of white and pink gold. At Taiba Jewellery, you can see more of black gold than pink gold. Various other brands of Damas Jewellery like to use pink gold for their jewels. Surely pink gold or rose gold is not as much promoted as the yellow and white gold. Before opting for any type of gold jewellery, see the contents and check out if you are not allergic to any of the additional metals. Sometimes the nickel in white gold can cause allergy so take care for this not to happen with you.

If you would like to see some nice pink gold jewels, do not hesitate to go in to some of the biggest brand stores in Dubai like Al Zain, Farah, Damas, Taiba, Dhamani and Al Futtaim and ask at the counter to show you some. Dubai is world famous for all sorts of its jewels that means you will get to see so beautiful pink gold jewels in here, which you could not see anywhere else in the world.