Platinum Jewellery Dubai
Platinum is arguably the most expensive precious metal today. Platinum jewellery costs a fortune therefore it’s not that highly bought as the gold. Besides platinum, jewellery is much harder to do than gold jewellery. Platinum is quite a rare metal that makes it currently the priciest metals in the world: In this article, we will examine the main characteristics of platinum and will serve you with some information on where to find high quality platinum jewellery in Dubai.

Let us see what makes platinum jewellery so outstanding: Before the arrival of Platinum, it was gold which was considered as the primary sign of wealth when wore in forms of jewellery. In addition, gold is a metal that is quite easy to form, contrary to platinum, which is considerably harder to work with. Yet platinum has currently a value that almost doubles the value of gold. This is thanked to its rarity, quality and to the fact that it needs double as much time as for the creating of gold jewellery.

Although platinum has a slightly different shine, the metal is still often missed with silver or white gold and this is why, its fame is not reaching the one of pure yellow gold that is still considered the highest valued jewellery as for outlook and prestige. Platinum’s main advantage lies in being hypoallergenic. Many people have allergy to gold or to gold alloys and therefore cannot wear gold jewellery at all. For them, in case their budget lets them do so, platinum is an extremely great choice. Platinum is also said to go best with diamonds, its whitish colour not reflecting any different colours to these precious gemstones. Platinum jewellery also is not oxidised and does not change its colour as silver and some gold alloys do. Platinum jewellery is hard to get scratched and if still does its very easy to mend them. Just as gold platinum is also a softer metal, although not as soft as gold but this means that Platinum also comes in alloys when it’s created into a platinum jewellery The other metals used for platinum to become harder include Palladium, Ruthenium or Iridium, Rhodeum and Osmium. These are all said to be hypoallergenic. Platinum’s most expensive form is when it has 95% platinum content; this equals gold’s 23K.

Platinum is mined as a single metal mainly in South Africa and Russia, so these countries are the primary exporters of this rare metal. The mining process of Platinum is excessively long and hard process as well. As for the Dubai jewellery business, platinum is just getting famous here where gold is the main metal used for jewellery making. Recently, several Dubai jewellers have come out with their collections of platinum, especially the Indian –Dubai jewellers such as Joyalukkas and Pure Gold Jewellers that seem to have the largest collection of platinum as of today. Pure Gold Jewellers have created big hype around them in Dubai when they first came out with their Pure Platinum collection back in 2009.

Platinum jewellery is getting popular in Dubai; however, due to the rarity of platinum it is not likely that this precious metal would change the role of gold anytime. Dubai, the primary jewellery seller of its region is doing its best to keep up to date with the new trends in jewellery making.