Prestige Gallery - Dubai
Prestige Gallery is one of the renowned and well known one-stop-shop for exquisite and fashionable jewellery. When you step into Prestige Gallery you can be sure of quality products with impeccable service. The place has earned a name for itself for its wonderful range of exclusive jewellery collections and for its wonderful highly competitive prices.

Prestige Gallery has drawn everyone’s attention and fascination by coming out with a new shade of gold – a rare and unique shade of ‘Purple Gold’ which has been released in Dubai. People from the elite circles from all over the world are making a beeline to Dubai to purchase the product. Prestige Gallery has come out with some really hot designs that is bound to attract everyone.

Prestige Gallery has the unique distinction of presenting the world’s first patented Purple Gold PG 800 which is truly awesome, inspiring, and incredibly beautiful. Purple Gold has been made exclusively for women and aimed to bring out their inner beauty, and express it with elegance and sophistication. Each and every item of Purple Gold is designed to express the various moods of a woman.

Prestige Gallery’s Purple Gold collection is sure to attract everyone as Purple Gold emits a definite quality of royalty. Prestige expects to come out with more new designs every season that is sure to appeal to gents and ladies alike. The products on offer are rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, tie pins, and cufflinks. Prestige Gallery is a name that comes to your mind first for innovative, unique, sophisticated, and class jewellery. The Gallery has earned name and fame and has created a special place for itself by its exclusive range of jewellery collections and extremely competitive pricing. Prestige Gallery stands out amongst jewelers for three main reasons:
• It has created the world’s first 19k Purple Gold.
• It boasts of an amazing collection from many of the prestigious brands in the world.
• Prestige Gallery offers quality products and services. Purple Gold was invented by Prof. Loh after a long period of research and development. But, he was not successful in producing gold that was malleable and could not be used in making jewellery. But, Aspial Corporation with Prof. Loh’s help could make Purple Gold that could be made into jewellery.

Purple Gold is very beautiful, but you have to take care of it and ensure that it is not handled roughly. Here are a few dos and don’ts:

• Make sure that Purple Gold jewellery is not subjected to chemicals or physical stress.
• Be sure to remove your Purple gold jewellery before taking a shower.
• Make use of a damp soft cotton cloth to wipe off oil stains or finger prints and dry it with a soft cotton cloth.
• Do not use Brasso, cleaning cloth, liquid, or any polishing powder to clean your Purple gold jewellery as they may contain abrasive substances or they may leave scratch marks on its surface.

If you are looking for jewellery to make you look suave and elegant, choose Purple Gold from Prestige Gallery.