Dubai Jewellery - Rings
Dubai, the City of Gold has long time been the capital of jewellery trading. In fact, Dubai is the city mostly packed with jewellery shops of all sorts, representing a beautiful and wide offer of all sorts of jewellery. Rings in Dubai are highly favoured by men and women equally. A ring can mean so many things at the same time and in real for most women, who cannot show off their parts of body, with the sole exception of hands, the rings are the priority sign of elegance and wealth. Let them be gold or silver, you can be sure you will see so many of them everywhere, that you will have a hard time with choosing which one you would like.

So, let us see out of what variety we can choose if we visit Dubai and we would like to see the best rings in the best places of Dubai and which jewellery brand is specialized in that sort of rings.

Diamond rings:
If you are looking for great diamond rings, then you will have a hard but beautiful time, the variety of diamond rings is so huge in Dubai. The biggest specialists in diamond are the Damas Jewellery, featuring a beautifully colourful offer and Samra Jewellery brand, which prefers the classy style for diamond rings. The Samra Jewellery brand features four diverse collections of diamond rings.

Pearl rings:
Pearl being the second most popular "gem" to be used in a ring looks simply beautiful. Many jewelleries offer great collections of pearl rings but the most beautiful pearl rings can be found at Joyalukkas Jewellery (Masaaki Pearl) and Damas Jewellery featuring beauties made out of South Sea Pearl. You can also see some beautiful pearl rings at Farah Jewellery.

Golden rings:
Gold is the classiest material used for making rings. The classically used carat is the 18 K mostly for making rings and the 22 K too but more rarely. Out of gold, there is the yellow and the white gold and nowadays they mix the two, offering great two coloured golden rings. The best jewellery stores in Dubai are the Damas, the Taiba, the Samra and the Joyalukkas with all offering great quality rings and other sorts of jewellery for you.

Silver rings:
Silver is the second mostly used precious metal for rings. Silver is though more popular among men than among women out of religious reasons. You can find the best silver collections of rings at Tanyaz Jewellery, Samer Jewellery, and Loupe Jewellery and at Tiffany and Co.

Wedding rings:
The Joyalukkas Jewellery has the most precious collections of wedding rings, though of course you can find them just everywhere in each shop.

Rings made out of precious coloured gemstones:
The Farah Jewellery has the most specialized jewellery shop as they offer rings decorated with Citrine, Amethyst, Turquoise and Peridot. Damas Jewellery also has beautiful varieties in each shop.

For sure, you will have all the best time if you check out all the above-mentioned offers. If you feel like going for some international jewellery, then Damas Jewellery is the place for you, together with the Gold Souk of Dubai Mall where there are many international jewellery shops as well. Also, try the Saks and the Bloomingdale’s store.