Roberto Coin Jewellery - Dubai
Roberto Coin is a great brand in and outside of Dubai. Roberto Coin brand today is sold in Dubai exclusively by the Damas Jewellery. Currently, Damas sells 14 different jewellery collections made by the Roberto Coin Company. Check them out in any of the many Damas stores all around Dubai.

Roberto Coin, originally an Italian jewellery maker originating from the region of Vicenza in Italy brand made by Roberto Coin brand. Vicenza is the European city of Gold world famous for its fine gold brands and jewellery. Here Roberto Coin had established his first jewellery back in 1977. Then, after a while, the brand Roberto Coin moved to the United States and started to plan the opening of his very first brand store. This U.S brand is not old; it came out only in 1996 causing a great success among all the women in the United States. Due to its high success, by 2000, the brand ranked the seventh among the most popular jewellery brands in the United States.

Roberto Coin brand is world famous for its unique diamond called "Cento Diamond" cento meaning a hundred in Italy. The whole thing is about a so-far-never-seen technique, with which they cut a hundred facets for a diamond, making it shinier and looking more uniquely than ever. The brand is very famous for its free, colourful designs, the high use of coloured gemstones. Roberto Coin preferred the red Opal so much; his Apassionata collection is among its most successful collections ever. In this collection, pieces of ruby had been positioned into the jewellery pieces in a special way that made the Opal also touch the skin. Opal as all gemstones and half-gems is known to have some great qualities for the mind and the soul, Opal is said to have special healing powers as well.

Roberto Coin made a contract with the hugest jewellery brand in Dubai called the Damas Jewellery, already selling many national and international brands, to be its retailer in Dubai. For this reason, if you would like to find Roberto Coin in Dubai, you will need to check out the Damas stores, especially in its “Les Exclusives” stores. You can find the store in almost every shopping centres, in all the best hotels and hotel shopping centres, such as the Boulevard, being one of the most luxurious places you can ever be, and the Avenue, the beautiful underwater little shopping centre within the Atlantis the Palm Hotel.

The topics of Roberto Coin, in which he makes its collections, are simply beautiful. In addition, there are so big differences between each collection that you would not even be able to recognize that they come from the same place. The collections are also giving a hint about the age class and the occasions for which they look the best, but mostly all collections are fresh and many also airy making their jewelleries great to wear, not only for special occasion, but also even during the day.

So, when you are in Dubai, do not hesitate to look for the superb collections of Roberto Coin. If you are a real jewellery lover with the appropriate budget, you will for sure not leave Damas Jewellery, without at least one art piece by Roberto Coin.