Jewellery Shops at Saks Fifth Avenue
The Saks Fifth Avenue ever since opened in Dubai has quickly become the most popular site to shop. Located right next to BurJuman Shopping Mall in the Bur Dubai district, the Saks Fifth Avenue offers best and most popular collections of America on two great floors.

Saks Fifth Avenue has hundreds of shops in the Unites States, with Saks having become one of the most famous shopping centres of all time, also because of the movies, just like Friends and Sex and New York, more and more people outside of the country came to know about the Saks “feeling”.

The Saks Fifth Avenue is, without question among the most popular stores in the U.S. The Middle East can feel itself in a very exceptional situation, because apart from them, there are no Saks Stores in Africa, Europe or Asia. We might think it has something to do with the high number of US patriots and expatriates living in Dubai. For sure, it was a great idea to open the very first Saks Fifth Avenue in Dubai. Since then, you can see the big brown bag just everywhere as you walk in the downtown of this metropolis.

The Saks is huge in Dubai too. On the ground floor, you can see the accessories, the perfumes together with the large cosmetic session. The famous D&G boutique can be found on this floor. Then, on the second floor, all you see is the world’s number one brands, such as Missoni, John Galliano, Prada, Issey Miyake and we could go on. Here you can get hold of all sorts of designer labels at a discounted price if you are lucky enough. The Saks Fifth Avenue has a segment dealing specially with Dubai jewellery, not to mention the D&G label store. The other watches shops include the exclusively sold beautiful Michael Kors timepieces, which you would not be able to buy elsewhere. Michael Kors is a great US fashion and jewellery designer, specifically concentrating on watches. Apart from that, all sorts of designer jewellery can be bought over here, from Yves Saint Laurent to Burberry, the timepieces of which are exceptionable.

In the accessory section of the ground floor, you can also find some designer scarves and sunglasses as well, such as the Ray Ban, being undoubtedly the best international brand of sunglasses. Of course, there are lighter types of accessories sold over here as well, thinking of everyone who are allergic to gold and that sorts of metals, there are also great selections of silver and other metal jewellery specifically made out of scientific steel, which causes no allergy at all.

You will see that the Saks Fifth Avenue is really a store worth visiting in every way while you are in Dubai. The jewellery offer of the Saks Fifth Avenue will not equal the huge amounts of gold that can be found in the Gold Souk or Dubai Mall’s Gold Souk. However, certainly it is a great way to see how the Saks looks like from the inside.