Shattaf Jewellers - Dubai
Shattaf Jewellers have been recognized as one of the pioneers of the jewellery industry in the United Arab Emirates. Shattaf which established its business in the year 1974 has been a leading retailer of gold and diamond jewellery ever since. It caters to all categories of people who come to Dubai from all over the world. Shattaf has nine stores all over Dubai and it intends opening a couple more shortly.

Have you ever stepped into any of the Shattaf jewellery showrooms in Dubai? If you haven’t done so, then do it now and you will find that it is a different world altogether. When you enter their showroom you will notice the beauty and splendor of their jewelry collection. You would be amazed to see the incredible beauty of their jewelry that is available in gorgeous styles and designs. And, you will also be amazed by the breath-taking beauty of their fine jewelry.

Shattaf jewellery has been able to make a place for itself in Dubai as it is able to understand and satisfy the customer’s requirements. As Dubai is a major tourist destination and has been recognized as the crossroads of the world, Shattaf offers jewellery that appeals to the local people as well as people from all over the world. And, they do have a wonderful collection of different types of jewelry which will delight everyone, especially people from Asia.

Shattaf is very well known for the excellent designs, exquisite workmanship, and the range of jewelry. It offers you a magnificent collection of jewelry comprising of necklaces, pendants, rings, earrings, bracelets, chains, and bangles in and yellow and white gold that are encrusted with diamonds, pearls, and other precious stones.

Shattaf jewellery is committed to quality and offers only the best to its customers. They make sure that they produce quality products and keep themselves away from cheap products. Shattaf picks up the best jewelry from all over the world and brings it to their showroom. They bring in jewelry from India, Pakistan, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Germany to their showrooms in Dubai. Needless to say all the jewelry brought in from other places undergoes intense scrutiny to meet their strict quality standards.

Shattaf Jewellers which was one of the first businesses of the Shattaf Group has nine showrooms in the UAE and has plans of opening a couple of more showrooms this year. It also has a gold factory in Sharjah from where gold jewelry manufactured is sold in many stores across the Gulf. Shattaf Jewelers are famous as the pioneers of retail jewelry in Dubai for which it has been awarded the prestigious ‘Bareeq’ Certificate by the Dubai Municipality for two consecutive years. It is a certificate of ‘Good Jewelry Trading Practice’ that is given by the Dubai Municipality to a jewelry trading establishment for implementing criteria that includes excellent customer service, customer satisfaction, product confidence and overall value for your money. Do you know that six of the shops in their group have been certified as ‘Bareeq’ compliant?

Come to Shattaf Jewellers and see for yourself the wonderful collection of jewellery that you will find there.